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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 795
0003Sean O'Leary (BlueA2Jetta) from Toms River, NJ  
0004Alex Bruns from Baltimore, MD, with ESP  
0008Thomas Stephan (Needoxygen) from Monroe, AK  
0009Cheri Friend from Olympia, WA  
0010Nade (Blueonyou) from NJ  (image)  
0011Scott from VA, with ESP  
0012Shelby Vangieson from NJ  
0014Andy Fiorentini (veedubbinny) from Cortland, NY, with ESP  (image)  
0015Ignacio (Jb20th015) from Wilmington, DE  
0020Tom Bismark from Farmingdale, NJ  
0025Keon Antoine from Manchester, CT  
0036J Neto (Golzinho) from Glen Allen, VA  
0038Christian (Jazzblue503) from Portland, OR  
0039Jim from TN, with ESP  
004020AE GTI spotted in WA  
0041Erik Lowry (Rabbit0041) from Tifton, GA  
0043Alex Riotto (alexr44) from PA  
0047Sebastian (sebas) from MIami, FL, with ESP  
0049Will Kleinz (vwgti49) from Scottsdale, AZ  
0052Jay Erskine (Deadking) from Sierra Vista, AZ, with ESP  
0055Brian from Allentown, PA  
0071Mark Adams (firegti) from Des Moines, IA  
007320AE GTI spotted in CA  
0075Matt (clatty) from CT  (image)  
0076Carly Devery (GTindie) from Los Angeles, CA  
0077Jonathan Petrosky from NJ, with ESP  
0079Kyle (20thkyleswan) from Crofton, MD  (image)  
008020AE GTI spotted in CO  
0081Daniel Beers (veedublvr) from Woodland, CA  (image)  
0082Brad Watkins (corradovolksb) from Scottsdale, AZ  
0083Wyatt Dorschutz (Insta- vaalbara) from Coplay, PA, with ESP  (image)  
0084Rob Oliphant (OettingerJetta) from Havre de Grace, MD  (image)  
008520AE GTI spotted in TX  
0088Justin Elliott from Ridley Park, PA, with ESP  
0089Alec (piojohnnybutt) from Madison, WI, with ESP  
0090Jake Seguin (Hooptie) from Oceanside, CA  
0091Andreas (Tiger) from Pittsburgh, PA  
0092Mike J from Fairfax, VA  (image)  
0093Brian (briandyche) from Everett, WA  (image)  
0096NaTe (TriZe) from Clackamas, OR, with ESP  (image)  
0097Michael Brady from Mentor, OH, with ESP  
009920AE GTI spotted in Philadelphia, PA  (image)  
0100Casey Evans from Waialua, HI  
0164Eric Sathre (lovinthebluebunny) from Minneapolis, MN, with ESP  
0166Aaron Easter (GTI PANDA) from Des Moines, WA, with ESP  
0167Brian from Brattleboro, VT  
016820AE GTI spotted in UT  
0172Jeremy A from Bellingham, WA  
017320AE GTI spotted in TX  
0174Kathy E from IL  
017520AE GTI spotted in IL  
0176Eric Kolton from Elk Grove Village, IL  
0177Jose Tavares from Milwaukee, WI  
0178Leah from FL  
0190Ben Gerard (20AE#0190) from Hudson, WI  (image)  
0192Jason R. Walker (g3nius) from Aurora, CO, with ESP  (image)  
0193David Halliburton from West Bloomfield, MI  
0195Ross (EuroCars2music) from Springfield, MA  
0198Ruben Isai (C3CARS) from Yucaipa, CA  (image)  
0220Ryan Hunter (20th220) from Huntington Beach, CA  
0230Cesco from Macomb, MI, with ESP  
023220AE GTI spotted in Lathrop, CA  
0234Alfredo Rojo from Pachuca de Soto, Hgo. Mex., CA, with ESP  (image)  
0235Bill Ingles (merdenoms) from Tempe, AZ, with ESP  
0236MANKA from Berlin, CT, with ESP  
0237Reagan Terrell (reagan0237) from League City, TX  
0239Matt Heard (squirrel master) from Denver, CO  
0252Adam from San Francisco, CA  (image)  
0258John Waller (instrumetal86) from Lynchburg, VA, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
0261Clint (sigep) from Schaumburg, IL, with ESP  
0262Ramiro from Santa Ana, CA  
0269Cabe Crisler from Clearwater, FL, with ESP  
0270Jonathan Ong (0270) from South San Francisco, CA  
0271EA from Haymarket, VA, with ESP  
0273Dan Paiyou (gti_addict) from San Jose, CA  
027520AE GTI spotted in MN  
0283Ashley O'Connor (ash71713) from Lake Villa, IL, with ESP  
0285Cole Martin from Lancaster, PA, with ESP  
0287Arturo Marin from Van Nuys, CA  
0288Mason Perillo from New Lenox, IL  
0291Chris Mcilvaine (burnside) from Hammonton, NJ, with ESP  
0296Irving (20th Ludo) from México DF, DE  (image)  
0305Dane Frost (DaneFrost) from Newburyport, MA, with ESP  (image)  
0309Nick B (For Sale) from OH, with ESP  
031320AE GTI spotted in WI  
0316Mark Mackenzie (Mmack) from Palm Harbor, FL  (image)  
0321Austin Greeno from Portsmouth, VA, with ESP  
0336Jordan Lawhon (golfgirl2704) from Arlington, TX  
0337Billy from PA  
0338Tim Kosnar from Somerset, NJ  
0339Chris Dunbar (cdstiwrx) from Toledo, OH  
0340Jerrime Linekin from Pearl River, NY, with ESP  
0341Brett Decarlo (djwikid) from Clifton, NJ  
0350Rex Moore (rex7) from Pensacola, FL  
0354Dallas Jones (Blueangel18T) from Virginia Beach, VA  
0359Carol (Vdubgurl03) from NJ  (image)  
0370Juan Carlos Sandoval from Woodhaven, NY  
0384Jason Lowe from Saskatoon (SK, CAN), MD  
0402George K. (XtremeGTI) from Whitestone, NY, with ESP  
0419Jarrett Helms (ATL1.8T) from Atlanta, GA  
0420Mitchell Joos from Westlake Village, CA  (image)  
0421Maureen Harris (4MLA 4D) from West Orange, NJ, with ESP  
0422Phil from FL  
0423Nick (Number423) from Central, KY  
0425Brandon Newsome from Scranton, PA  
0427Steven Wagner from Shrewsbury, PA  
0428Peter deMos (20AE428) from Bracebridge (ON, CAN), PA  
0429JD Kreamer (jdawg6819) from Stevens, PA  
0431Kyle Strader (KyleStrader20thAE) from Dayton, OH, with ESP  
0433Daniel Polanco from NJ  
0435Jason (FikiTiki) from NJ  
0436Evan Brown (ebrown520) from Cranford, NJ  
0437Zach Harris (hockey345) from Ft Lauderdale, FL  
0438Vince (Vinchenzo) from Mobile, AL, with ESP  (image)  
0440Jeremy (Jazzydub) from WA  (image)  
0441Brad (Bwix or Kobe12) from Forked River, NJ  
044220AE GTI spotted in GA  
0443Alex Gomez (agomez3) from Tampa, FL  (image)  
0445Christian Fitch from Pensacola, FL  
0446Patrick Findley from Memphis, TN, with ESP  
0447Matt from VA  (image)  
0448Matt Murdock (20ae jazzy) from VA  
0449Greg Miller (96gti8v) from Allentown, PA  
0451Wah from NJ  
0454Chris from Parkland, FL  
045520AE GTI written off, from FL  (image)  (deceased)
0456Eric Lonchambon (Loshambo) from Vineland, NJ, with ESP  
0457Alex Brown (Jazzy_GTI) from Louisville, KY  (image)  
0458Joe Lance from Doylestown, PA  
0479Justin from CT  
0482Chet from Lake Tapps, WA, with ESP  
0483Candelario Moreno from Crane, TX  
0489Rohan Arnett (roebee) from Paterson, NJ  
0492Tyler (destinyracing) from Miramar, FL  
050820AE GTI spotted in Chesapeake, VA  
058420AE GTI spotted in CA  
0684Joe Giannini from Dublin, CA  
0691Jay (jay@namotorsports) from Northeast, CT, with ESP  
0694Lloyd Argame (Dunplayin) from Northridge, CA  
0695Sean Bowden from Narragansett, RI, with ESP  
0697Zach M. (zurr) from York, PA  
0698Bryan M Tilson (BigLimpDad) from Moore, OK  
0699Justine Humphrey from MN  (image)  
0700Jesse from WA, with ESP  
0704Zak Galla from Houston, TX  
0718Abe Shabaneh from Cocoa Beach, FL, with ESP  
0725Alec from AR  
0729Nate Boucher (nate.dubb) from Western, MA, with ESP  
074920AE GTI spotted in NJ  
0750Emil (Baby Blues) from Long Beach, CA, with ESP  
0751William (BluBunny) from Carrollton, TX  
0753Jeremy (kotei) from San Diego, CA  
0754Mike (dubstyley) from Boston, MA, with ESP  
0755Katya (katya) from Fall River, MA, with ESP  
080520AE GTI spotted in IA  
0814Chris Seaman (cseaman) from Kansas City, MO, with ESP  (image)  
0815Jason Neely (jn2rons) from CA  
0816James (GTI 816) from Apopka, FL, with ESP  
0817Chris Reich (817) from New Orleans, LA  
0818Bob from Wichita, KS  
0831Leo (bbc402) from Danbury, CT, with ESP  
0868Jim Dibb (jdibb) from Framingham, MA, with ESP  
088520AE GTI spotted in Long Beach, CA  
0886Brian Hutzel (Silence1sDefning) from Mt. Bethel, PA, with ESP  (image)  
0887BlueGenie from Newbury Park, CA  (image)  
0890Julián Jiménez (Left) from San José, Costa Rica., CA  (image)  
0893Cole Phillips (ASdubs) from Tempe, AZ, with ESP  (image)  
0905Tim L (Pretarion) from The Colony, TX, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
090720AE GTI spotted in Sarasota, FL  (image)  
091020AE GTI spotted in Concord, CA  
0911Mark A. Zanoni (20AE #0911) from Cincinnati, OH, with ESP  
0912Mike Olson (GTInAK) from Elmendorf AFB, AK, with ESP  
0922David Deray (350whp) from Miami, FL, with ESP  
0923Eric Berger from Boca Raton, FL, with ESP  
0924Ryan Brown from Myakka City, FL  
0925Patrick Wells (Supercharged VR6) from Colorado Springs, CO  (image)  
0926Maria (boostedria) from Blue Bell, PA  
0927Robert Sumner from York, PA  (image)  
0929Mario from Ft Worth, TX, with ESP  
0930Charles Mack from CA  
0931Steve Bennett (Steve Bennett) from Littleton, CO  
0932Keith Hastings from Jacksonville, FL, with ESP  
0935Michael Trapp from Seattle, WA  
0939Daniel (Jazzblue939) from Tampa, FL, with ESP  
1011Darren Buseman from NJ  
102020AE GTI spotted in NJ  
1022Jarrett Overstreet (JOverstreet) from Roanoke, VA, with ESP  
1063Tom (tomvw95) from Greensburg, PA  
109420AE GTI spotted in WI  
1096Matthew Petershmidt ( from York, PA, with ESP  
1098Matthew Kelly (vwjunkie9836) from Bangor, PA  (image)  
1101Patrick (slammingears) from Fairfield, CT, with ESP  
1103Chris Seaman from Kansas City, MO, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
1104Brandon (inhalethevile) from Philadelphia, PA  
1106John (Speedy) from NY  
1107Luke from Greenville, SC  (image)  (deceased)
1111Joe Luis (Jersey Joe) from Roselle Park, NJ, with ESP  
1112Shane Hoffman from Emmaus, PA  
1113Daniel from VA  
1114Ryan Knight (_loafers) from Denton, TX  (image)  
1115Bryan (MYRABIT) from Dover, NH  
11162slogetta from Mansfield, CT  
1119Anthony DelFranco from Stratford, CT, with ESP  
1120Tom Dierkes (JoJo) from Napa, CA  
1121Mike B from UT  
1124Arthur Wessel (gti-1124) from McLean, VA  (image)  
1125Jason Monfort (ropegun) from Portland, OR  
1126Travis Bleken (T-Nutz) from Seattle, WA  
1128Jp Walford (gtijapes1128) from San Antonio, TX  
112920AE GTI spotted in TX  
1131Euge (Nebuchadnezzar) from Los Angeles, CA  (image)  
1132Cory from Gilroy, CA  
1133Rob Straw from Lebanon, OR  (image)  
1134Gian & Mike (vwgian) from Seattle, WA  (image)  
1135Ronald (VR6 Jwagon w215s) from Long Beach, CA  (image)  
1137VlaDiMir from Skokie, IL, with ESP  
113820AE GTI spotted in Chicago, IL  (image)  
1139Matt Boyer (VendettaGTI) from Miami, FL  
1140Scott (colnago) from Columbia, MD  
1141Peter Green from Vienna, VA  
114220AE GTI spotted in PA  
1145Justin from Harrisburg, PA, with ESP  
1146James Pavlik (gtiguypa) from Allentown, PA  
1147Jason (one_buggin20th) from NJ, with ESP  
1151J. Jenkins (vwmotorman) from PA, with ESP  
1154Brandon McNeil (Jazzblu3_20thgti) from Colton, CA, with ESP  
1159supra1641 from Orange County, NY, with ESP  
116220AE GTI spotted in MA  
1167Jeff Telehany from KY  
1171Eric from Cheyenne, WY, with ESP  (image)  
1172Bryan Coelho from Fall River, MA, with ESP  
1177Marc (==) from CT, with ESP  
1181Matty Lacasse (vw4life) from Acushnet, MA, with ESP  (image)  
118620AE GTI spotted in NJ  
1191Rob Bustos from Germantown, MD  
119720AE GTI spotted in PA  
1206H. Kell from Los Angeles, CA  
128920AE GTI spotted in MA  
1290John Lind from Fort Lauderdale, FL  
1380Michael from VA  (image)  
1393J. P. Davis from MA, with ESP  
1419Dean Allen (DA20thVw) from Beverly, NJ, with ESP  
150020AE GTI spotted in AZ  
154820AE GTI spotted in CA  
1579Lee Kanouff (pa1.8t_iv) from Doylestown, PA  
1581Eric D from Craig, CO, with ESP  
158320AE GTI spotted in Harborcreek, PA  (image)  
1584Narbie (halchka99) from Glendale, CA  
1586Alex Marsicano from Poconos, PA  
158720AE GTI spotted in WI, with ESP  
1595AJ Richards (AJ) from Forest City, PA  
1597David C (dcbmw94) from Golden, CO  
1602Eric Struyck (polukai28) from SoCal, CA, with ESP  (image)  
1603Tom Spallone (tomvw95) from Jeannette, PA  
1606Mike (MACdubb) from The Island, NY, with ESP  (image)  
160820AE GTI spotted in UT  
1609Jose Rodriguez (kucho1982) from Dalton, GA  
1610Jeremy Morton (j.morton) from Westernport, MD, with ESP  (image)  
1611Fernando (PHER) from Ensenada, CA, with ESP  
1612Eduardo Perez from Grand Rapids, MI, with ESP  
1613David Hunt (>_<) from Moline, IL, with ESP  (image)  
1614Michael from Garfield, NJ  
1616Russell from Granbury, TX  
1632Mario Ruiz from LA  
1637Chris Amico (drummerguy4202) from Lancaster, PA  
1639Greg LaForest (yawnboring) from Conesus, NY  
164020AE GTI spotted in PA  
1641Rob (Chopper) from Cincinnati, OH  
1644Matthew Riether from Pittsburgh, PA  
1646Chris Marchese (Murdered0ut150) from Milford, NJ, with ESP  
1647Jason Ashworth from Charleston, WV, with ESP  
1648Cody from OR  
1650David Barillaro (uglybaby) from Pleasant Valley, NY  
1651Douglas Conner (orangea2vr6) from MD  
1652Jess from San Jose, CA  
1653Anthony Gaggi (VWpassatboy) from Albany, NY  (image)  
1654Marco Arellano from Rosemead, CA  
1655Matt Head (oneoldkid) from Keizer, OR, with ESP  (image)  
1656Lindsay & Dustin Harris from Tigard, OR  
1657Chris Curtis from Galway, NY  
1658Joel Brewer (JBVR6) from CA  
1660Dustin Bell from Ventura, CA  
1663Ricky Jones (GTi1663) from Tulsa, OK  
1664Leyla Marandi from Mission VIejo, CA  
1667Kyle Frame (Vr6JettaGLX97) from New Albany, IN  
1670Marcus (O0oSKAMo0O) from Miami, FL  
167120AE GTI spotted in FL  
1679Reilly Cook (mk4gtirunner) from Johnsonville, NY, with ESP  
1681D. Kyle Marsh from Cincinnati, OH  
168220AE GTI spotted in OH  
1686Bryan Garczynski from MA, with ESP  
1794Troy Stanton (Str8Floatin) from Floreffe, PA  
181020AE GTI spotted in PA  
1842Denny (Papman) from Denver, PA, with ESP  
1850Dustin O (BearstBear) from Miramar, CA  
1870Steve Viederis (sviederis) from Rockford, IL  
1873William (Brazil) from Westbury, NY, with ESP  
1875Sam DeMay from Charlotte, NC, with ESP  
1876Dave Fox from NJ  
1877Matt S. (disembodied) from C-Town, NJ  (image)  
18846MT from Clifton, NJ  (image)  
188920AE GTI spotted in CA  (image)  
1890David Belo (Seninha) from Short Hills, NJ  
189420AE GTI spotted in WA  
1897Jared from OR  
1898Matt (xmaciek82x) from Chicago, IL, with ESP  
190020AE GTI spotted in NC  
1901Chris Anderson (@gasinmyveins18T) from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  (image)  
1903Robin Lee (RL1208117) from Torrance, CA  (image)  (deceased)
1908Bob Orr (jdub92) from Chester County, PA  (image)  (deceased)
1910Diana Bader (Diana) from Windermere, FL  
1911Bryan Lang from AZ  
1912Felipe from TX  
191320AE GTI spotted in Upper Montclair, NJ  
1914Mike (evolbunny) from Somers, CT, with ESP  
1915Chris from Smithtowh, NY  (image)  
1917Keenan Cook (geminidubberGTI) from Grand Junction, CO  
1921Kioni Knutson from Kirkland, WA  
192220AE GTI spotted in DE  
1929Alliah Love-Stout (Alliah) from Portland, OR  (image)  
1930Nick (BabyBoost) from Warren, NJ  
1932Zaninelli from Pebble Beach, CA  
1933Joe (joesgti) from VA  
1934Valerie from Langhorne, PA, with ESP  
1935Rob Rogers (3rob3) from Medina, OH, with ESP  
193620AE GTI spotted in NH  
1937Darrell (Rudy4) from Edmonds, WA  
1938Michael Martucci (Tucci) from Boca Raton, FL  (image)  
1939Seth DuBrino from Coram, NY  
1941Jared Tumlison (PapaSmurf#1941) from Fort Smith, AR  
1946Ben from TX  
1950Wes Weisser from West Chester, PA  
1951Troy Ivey Sr from Woodbury, NJ  
195220AE GTI spotted in CA  
1960Justin Court from GA, with ESP  
1986Ashley G from Manheim, PA  
1999Thomas (Herrera) from Salt Lake City, UT, with ESP  
2014Don Lockett from Tucson, AZ  
2028Zack (peplsuk) from Anchorage, AK  (image)  
2036chundar from CA  
2037Kasey from Sacramento, CA  (image)  
203920AE GTI spotted in CA  
2040Nate Roth (gdog009) from Los Angeles, CA  
2041Eugene Hong from Cupertino, CA  
2042Andy G (andysila) from Glendale, CA, with ESP  
2043Michael (Dumbeezy) from CA, with ESP  
2044Chris (Der Wench) from Huntington Beach, CA, with ESP  
204520AE GTI spotted in GA  
2046Phillip Hoshizaki (Phoshi) from Monterey Park, CA  
2047Landon from San Jose, CA  
2048Tomasz Przybylowski (vw187) from Merrick, NY  (deceased)
2049Zoran Pilipovic (Zoka 21) from Charlotte, NC, with ESP  
2051David Jones from Wilson, NC  
2052Brian White (dub_motox) from Santa Clarita, CA  
2053Cris Garcia (20thaebuddies) from Los Angeles, CA, with ESP  
2055Michael Turner (hooch0083) from Las Vegas, NV, with ESP  (image)  
205620AE GTI spotted in CA  
2058Robert Campbell from Wetumpka, AL  
2059Sunnny (VDUB SACK BLUNTS) from Long Beach, CA  
2060Jason Rhodes (rhodesman) from San Francisco, CA  (image)  
2061Austin Dec from Marina, CA  
2062Chris (CD155MX) from Alta Loma, CA  (image)  
2063Pablo Quezada from Stony Point, NY  
2064Todd Vicknair from LA  
2065Jesse (Shnarfgolfore) from Eugene, OR  
2067Perry from Lighthouse Point, AK, with ESP  
2068Bryan Cortes from Orlando, FL, with ESP  (image)  
2069Nick Stuckey from Indy, IN  (image)  
2070Pamela (damnpamm) from Fremont, CA  (image)  
207120AE GTI spotted in NY  
207220AE GTI spotted in MI  
2073Meghan Railton (*megs*) from New Westminster (BC, CAN), TX, with ESP  (deceased)
2076drm916 from Atlanta, GA, with ESP  
207720AE GTI written off, from Colorado Springs, CO  (image)  (deceased)
2078Rob Johnson from Gilford, NH  
2079Jesse (Blueview04) from Ft. Lauderdale, FL  
2080Chris Maciejewski (ChrisLow) from Wilmington, DE  (image)  
2081Andrew Ardis from Wood Ridge, NJ  
2082Andrew Murphy from Worcester, MA  (image)  
2083Teddy (jazz20thae) from Los Altos, CA  
2085Stan Paez from Torrance, CA, with ESP  
209320AE GTI spotted in Bakersfield, CA  (image)  
209420AE GTI spotted in CA  
2096Jake (Jake) from Perry Hall, MD  
2097Brian Colsher (Veedub021) from Doylestown, PA  
209820AE GTI spotted in GA  
2099Jon Wing (Eviloliv3) from AZ  
2100James (L33t A2) from Huntington, NY  (image)  
2101Bryan Seidel from Lehigh Valley, PA  
2103ChubbaDub from OR  (image)  
2104William Mendelson (skier2146) from NJ, with ESP  
2110James from PA  
211420AE GTI spotted in CA  
2148Johnathan Lim from Long Beach, CA  
2178Mike Wirth (turbogti6686) from PA  (image)  
2281Israel from Joplin, MO  
2283Antonio Ascencio from Chicago, IL  
2304Nicholas from Greenville, SC  
230520AE GTI spotted in IL  
2306Mario Sierra from Baldwin Park, CA, with ESP  (image)  
2320Anthony Viola from Tampa, FL  
2326Brian Bell from Atlanta, GA  
2327Shane St. Clair & Amanda Peters (smsalp20th) from Roanoke, VA  (image)  
2328Ryan Johnson (No.2328) from Mill Creek, WA  
232947CSH from Nampa, ID, with ESP  
2330Mike Widdle from WA  
2331Sheri Allina (Sexy Blue) from WA, with ESP  
2334Doug Carter (upon3) from Lockport, IL, with ESP  (image)  
2335Mike Lynch from Seattle, WA  
233620AE GTI spotted in TX  
2362David Priest (spedracr5) from Santa Maria, CA  
2363Tony from San Marcos, TX  
236520AE GTI spotted in Roswell, GA  (image)  
2368Wikunia from NJ  
2370Omar Meza (gtirookie) from Downey, CA, with ESP  
2371David (20th_2371) from CO  
2373Alex Ace (Ace_VR6) from Stroudsburg, PA  
2376Kenny Obendorfer from Shepherdstown, WV, with ESP  
2378Sarah Becker from MA  
237920AE GTI spotted in Birmingham, MI  (image)  
238020AE GTI spotted in MA  
2381Ryan (JB20th) from Reading, PA, with ESP  
2382Paul Johnson (Jay 5) from Eglin AFB, FL, with ESP  
2384Jeremy Myers (Windsurfer1111) from Angola, NY, with ESP  
238620AE GTI spotted in OH  
2387Joe Monitto (dmonitto) from Garden City, NY  
2391Joel Siegrist from Columbia, PA  
2392Jonathan from Beaufort, SC  
2393Vaughn Ireland from MD  
2394Lyle James from Cincinnati, OH, with ESP  (image)  
239520AE GTI spotted in FL  
2396Clinton Moore (MrClint1982 (Aol IM)) from Baltimore, MD  
2398David Vooris (massdubbin) from Chicopee, MA  
2399Sebastian Calderon from San Jose, Costa Rica, CA  
2407Phill Wisniewski from Manchester, MD  
242220AE GTI spotted in Morristown, NJ  (image)  
2428Michael (Mjaros49) from New Britain, CT  
2456Donald Snyder from Wyomissing, PA  
2459Josh (Ithaca20thGTI) from Ithaca, NY  
2479Chris (Late-Apex) from Prospect, KY, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
249920AE GTI spotted in Lilburn, GA  (image)  
2500Zach from Lakeland, FL  
2501Bernard from MD, with ESP  
250320AE GTI spotted in NC  
2504Leo from Tamarac, FL  
2506Eddie Perez (jazzy20th) from Orlando, FL  
2507Grant Nichols (SmarterGrant) from Plant City, FL  
2508Nathan Stone (nathanastone) from Johnsonville, SC, with ESP  
2509Jason Watt from OK, with ESP  
2510Dennis Alvarado (Dennis2510) from Orlando, FL, with ESP  (image)  
251120AE GTI spotted in Miami, FL  
2512Aris (Technous) from Charleston, SC  (image)  
2513Jonathan from Houston, TX  
251720AE GTI spotted in NC  
2519Mike (20AEGTI) from Tacoma, WA  
2520Ben M from Seattle, WA  
2522Mike from Kennewick, WA  
2523Gardner Nichols from Boulder, CO  
2524Dat Tran (dat) from Seattle, WA  
2525John (dell6181) from Chicago, IL  
2529Huy Ta (htchinesep) from Shoreline, WA  
2530Andrew Ford from Cedar Rapids, IA  
2531Lyle Herman (furbark1) from Delray Beach, FL  
253220AE GTI spotted in FL  
2533Sammy Mullinix from Baltimore, MD, with ESP  
2536Fernando Martinez from El Paso, TX, with ESP  
2538Jerry M (Gti017) from Everett, WA  (image)  
2540Vic from Puyallup, WA  
2544Nate (klettn) from Madison, WI  
2555Ethan Burkett (BaggedBaby) from Ogden, UT  
255620AE GTI spotted in MD  
2561Jared from Fairfax, VA  
2562Johnny (spoon8818) from South Orange, NJ  
2563Brian Cullen (ChicaGTI) from MD  
2564Monica (Monicuh) from West Palm Beach, FL, with ESP  
2565John Young (greek bandit) from Springfield, PA  (image)  
2566Omar Heneidi from Fairfax, VA  
2567Chris Dimitriadis (cd183) from Florence, SC, with ESP  (image)  
2572Jason Heidenthal from Boynton Beach, FL, with ESP  
2573Timmy Green (tgreent) from Northern, VA  
2577Michael from Rockville, MD, with ESP  
2626Chuck from NJ, with ESP  
2627Bill Ramsey (Mdlhtr) from Syracuse, NY  
2628Brian (EuroSmurf) from Little Neck, NY  
2630Ian Scherer (Avatar_2630) from Slatington, PA  (image)  
2631Joe P from Baltimore, MD  
2632Michael Gorzynski (420NJ) from Old Bridge, NJ  
2633Michael from Alexandria, VA  
2636Jason (Beowulf_82x) from Hendersonville, NC  (image)  
2637Steve (Blue20thAE2637) from Monmouth Junction, NJ, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
2639Danny Harrington from Albany, NY  (image)  
264120AE GTI spotted in Brandywine, MD  
2643Donald Kim (vortx.nova) from Manassas, VA  
2645Michael Anstis from Daytona Beach, FL  
2646Chris Kreppel (Krep) from Ocean City, MD  (image)  
2683Mike from E-Ridge, MD  
2782Ray Ruiz from NC  
2872Dylan Trask from Kernersville, NC  
2874Clarissa from GA  
2886Ian Kosiek (86Cressida86) from Orange Park, FL  
2889stro from Miami, FL  (image)  
2890Keri Naylor (keri2000) from Colorado Springs, CO  (image)  
2891Mark Ballou (ezcmopane) from Tampa, FL, with ESP  (image)  
2892Matthew Harvey (harv2892) from Charlotte, NC  (image)  
2899Jason (Procta) from Jacksonville, FL, with ESP  
2900Bradley R Goch from Cherry Point, NC  
2903Joshua Hagans (IronLung) from Louisville, KY  (image)  
2913Byron Colon from Orlando, FL  (image)  
2921Adam from TN  
2931Seth S (gti16vman) from TX  
293220AE GTI spotted in TX  
2933Rob Rose from Brandon, FL  
2934Saif Omer (spotligting (aim)) from Missouri City, TX  
2937Tim (tchampag) from Tulsa, OK  
2943Ali Holmes (Chupecabra) from Perkasie, PA  
2946Ali Albrecht (WLDHARE) from Robbinsdale, MN  
2951Darren from Wayne, NJ  (image)  
2953Justin VanRiper (ranviper) from Camden, NY, with ESP  (image)  
2971Frank (H.) from Montoursville, PA  
2975Angie (TwentAE) from Hershey, PA  
2976Kayla Looney from Lima, OH  
2979Chris W. from DE  
3006Darren Waldron (Sly) from Philadelphia, PA, with ESP  (image)  
3007Ryan from Pottsville, PA  
3010Meghan (sexyvwdiva) from Boyertown, PA, with ESP  
3012Courtney from Brigham City, UT  
3015Ryan from Puyallup, WA  
3018Jake from Beaverton, OR  
3021Yuri (bluejetta95) from Akron, OH  (image)  (deceased)
3028Philip A. Rivelli from Bethpage, NY, with ESP  
3031Chris (3031.20th) from South St Paul, MN  
303720AE GTI spotted in PA  
3042Dave Alvaro (AvocadoVR6) from Warrington, PA  
3053Stephen (designtech20ae) from Union, NJ  (image)  
305720AE GTI spotted in Hillside, NJ  (image)  
3060Saarang Desai (dubtek3060) from NJ  (image)  
3061Colin Viney from PA  (image)  
3063Robert Galvin from Huntington, NY, with ESP  
306420AE GTI spotted in NJ  
3066Allen from Williamsburg, VA  
3074M. Ciccarone (Marshall) from NJ  
3076Derek Koch from Brick, NJ  
3080Troy from Woodbury, NJ  
308120AE GTI spotted in Vineland, NJ  (image)  
3084Jared from PA  (image)  (deceased)
3085Alex Gomez (ia13x) from Toms River, NJ  (image)  (deceased)
309120AE GTI spotted in NJ  
3095Evan from Long Island, NY  (image)  
3096Tim (Ttuttle) from Mahopac, NY  
3102Brian from North Brunswick, NJ  
3105Chris M (Vdub 2.slow) from Jamison, PA  
3113Jay Piccirillo from Milford, CT  
3115Ernie Reyes Jr from IL  
311720AE GTI spotted in CT  
3119Dan from Arvada, CO  
3122Corrine (lowslow8v) from Brookfield, CT, with ESP  
3123Alar Ruutopold (Janku) from Hancock, NH  
3124Dan (20thturbogtiguy03) from Hatboro, PA, with ESP  
3126Ryan (dubster3126) from Wilton, CT  
3130George (spoonedgti) from Boston, MA  
3136Mike from Rockville, MD  (image)  
3140Mike (VWMike81) from New Brunswick, NJ  (image)  
315020AE GTI spotted in NJ  
3152Jim (malone) from South Elgin, IL  
3153Anthony D from New York, NY  (image)  
3154Alex Raiche (GTIVR6MK4) from St-Etienne-des-Gres (QC, CAN), CT, with ESP  (image)  
3159Chris Dubwagn from CT  (image)  (deceased)
3163Steph (Greenidge) from MA  
3166Adam Ruber from Bridgeport, NJ, with ESP  
3167Isaac Leblanc (isaacgti1992) from Hollywood, MD  (image)  
3172Ethan from Dover, NH  
317320AE GTI spotted in Valdosta, GA, with ESP  
3175Jazzy from Miami, FL, with ESP  
3177Mari B (Fast Bunny) from CT  (image)  
3179Daemian Moss from Logan, UT, with ESP  (image)  
3180Kevin Nash (Nash20thAE) from Somers Point, NJ, with ESP  
3182Matthew Duenskie (mattfrankly) from Jacksonville, NC, with ESP  (image)  
3183Joseph (jfaris1222) from Paramus, NJ, with ESP  
3187Nicol Freeman (skitlesamm) from Punta Gorda, FL  (image)  (deceased)
3188S. Mohr (MyJB20th) from Long Island, NY  
3189Timmermans (Mr Euro) from FL  (image)  
3190Scott Grable (rabbitgti&20th) from Warminster, PA, with ESP  
3194Nicholas (thegoldenpower) from AZ  
3196Colin B. Foote (Hellcat82) from Charletown, RI, with ESP  
3201Andrew Alfonso from Fayetteville, GA  
3203David (ae_gtidriver) from Poulsbo, WA, with ESP  
3204Greg Aviles from FL, with ESP  
3209Michael J. Palumbo (20AE#3209) from Orlando, FL, with ESP  
3210James Chan (gtIRIE) from San Francisco, CA, with ESP  
3212Steve Echegoyen (steve) from Downey, CA, with ESP  
3213Craig A. Liess (cliess) from Rochester Hills, MI  
3214Marcin (KaeROeS) from Linden, NJ, with ESP  
3215Brent from Tampa, FL  (deceased)
3216Jeremy Gordley (20ægti) from Fayetteville, OH, with ESP  
321820AE GTI spotted in CO  
3219Kevin (stang8psi) from Wilm, DE  
3222Joseph Bottiggi from Cuyahoga Falls, OH, with ESP  
3223Aleks S. from Denver, CO, with ESP  (image)  
3224Jon Nelson (Jon Nelson) from Jefferson, SD, with ESP  
3225Chris (Squinch) from Cincinnati, OH, with ESP  
3227Jeff from Woonsocket, RI, with ESP  (image)  
3230Matt Lautar (GTIYIYI) from Baltimore, MD, with ESP  
3233Dave George (Georgy420) from Bedford, NH, with ESP  (image)  
3235Dan Farley from Bayville, NY, with ESP  
324120AE GTI spotted in IL  
3243Mike from Long Island, AK, with ESP  
324420AE GTI spotted in TX  
3246Toan Tran from Germantown, MD, with ESP  
3248Olutoyin Fayemi (Toyin) from Boston, MA, with ESP  (image)  
3251Alex Long (slick50) from Brunswick, ME, with ESP  
3253Justin Mohr (VW_GTI_AE) from California, PA, with ESP  
3255Brian Tameta (p ï k) from Albany, NY, with ESP  
325620AE GTI spotted in PA  
3258Brian from Kennebunkport, ME, with ESP  
325920AE GTI spotted in PA  
3260Omar from FL  
3264Justin (jmohn1) from Huntington Beach, CA, with ESP  (image)  
3266John from Naugatuck, CT, with ESP  (image)  
3269Dylan Turner (_dylan.turner_) from Knoxville, TN, with ESP  
3272Mike (Mprobo) from Albany, NY, with ESP  
3302Greyhound from FL  
3311Lauren Elliott (flygirlelliott) from Sterling, VA, with ESP  (image)  
3312Taylor from PA, with ESP  
3314Basil Kampessis from Brooklyn, NY, with ESP  (image)  
3333Bob (smith) from HI, with ESP  
3339Delius J. Bune (vdub63) from SoBo, VT, with ESP  
3342Roldan from Houston, TX  
3346Adamm Mitchell (fastginstergti) from Haddam, CT  
3395Matt Seiders (Guitarmanmatt) from CT, with ESP  
3421Bluntman from CT  
3435Carlo (specialinjection) from San Francisco, CA, with ESP  (image)  
344020AE GTI spotted in CA  
3442Neil from Coral Springs, FL, with ESP  
3443Ray Ford (are-jay) from Seattle, WA, with ESP  
3446Addison Marchese (addm) from Orange County, CA  (image)  
3447Ron Anderson from Naples, FL  
3454Sharon Crowley from Piscataway, NJ, with ESP  
3458Juan from NC  
3463Mike (Neks0ne) from Miami, FL  
347720AE GTI spotted in NJ  
3498Doug (Ellie) from OR  
3638Mike Wallace (PLATINUMAUTOS.COM) from Seattle, WA, with ESP  
3639JP from Pittsburgh, PA  
3641Tim Z from Chicago, IL  
364420AE GTI spotted in Gold River, CA  (image)  
3648Chris Bobinger (JBlue20th) from Portsmouth, VA, with ESP  (image)  
3650James (JB_MKIV) from Sunnyvale, CA, with ESP  
3651Nick Doscher (NOONOOSAN) from Glendale, CA  (image)  
3652Noah Leggett from Austin, TX  (image)  
3653John Drosyk (kLePTo) from Montgomery, AL, with ESP  
3654Nick Aratari from Youngstown, OH, with ESP  
3656MTDZ from Santa Cruz, CA, with ESP  
3657Matt Tylenda from Reston, VA  
3658Josh Loehr (psionix) from Saint Louis, MO, with ESP  
3659Chris from NC, with ESP  (image)  
3660Mike DeGuida (JazBlu3660) from Jamison, PA  (image)  
3661Vinnie Tirri from Coral Springs, FL, with ESP  
3663Thomas Esposito from Staten Island, NY, with ESP  (image)  
366620AE GTI spotted in AK  
3667Daniel I. Santiago from FL  
3668Tyler Witman (Tyster) from Lancaster, PA  (image)  
3672adam (jb20th) from oreland, PA, with ESP  (image)  
3680Brian Wildman from Culpeper, VA, with ESP  (image)  
3681Marshall Clark (lmaonster) from Shepherdstown, WV, with ESP  
3683Rick Clark (TX GTI) from Leander, TX, with ESP  (image)  
3684Max Duncan (MadMaxMan) from Chester, MD  
368520AE GTI spotted in CT  
3686Roger from Houston, TX  
3687Kevin Dommermuth (donkeymule) from Tampa, FL  
369020AE GTI spotted in Gainesville, FL  (image)  
369220AE GTI spotted in OH  
3693Yeoman (caj1) from Mclean, VA  
3695Frank (die wizard) from PA, with ESP  
3696Brian Weiner from Westminster, MD, with ESP  (image)  
3699Joe McCormick (Beans44) from Montville, NJ  
3700wrbmx from IN, with ESP  
3701Joel (Mk4gli) from Bangor, PA  
3702John Savocchi from Yonkers, NY  
3705Travis Craig (TMAN8255) from Portland, OR, with ESP  
3706Mark Dickerson (EuroRods) from Arlington, VA, with ESP  (image)  
3709Brian H from NJ  
3710Jaciel Reyes from Midland, TX, with ESP  
371120AE GTI spotted in Clifton, NJ  (image)  
3714Brian Van Der Heide (brianvdub) from North Haledon, NJ  
3715Nick from Eugene, OR, with ESP  
371820AE GTI spotted in WA  
3719Parker Nims (pnimz01) from Santa Maria, CA, with ESP  (image)  
3720Joseph Palmer (joshp912) from Tybee Island, GA  
3721Kaylee (Kayleeee730) from Mahopac, NY, with ESP  (image)  
3722S. Quinn from Hamden, CT, with ESP  
3724Jason Kocinec (KOS) from Blades, DE  
3726Jon (Bo!nk) from Sandy, OR, with ESP  
3727Rob (robs20thae) from Maywood, NJ  (image)  
3729Brian Zinn (BZin20AE) from Hanover, PA  (image)  
3730Taylor Cameron from Port Angeles, WA, with ESP  
3731Frank Padula from Woodbridge (ON, CAN), MD  (deceased)
3733A.T. from GA, with ESP  
3735Chad Hess (JAZZY) from Vernon, NJ  
373720AE GTI spotted in CT  
373920AE GTI spotted in Kingston, NY  (image)  
3741Mike Lantaigne (TRedVR6) from Hampton, NH, with ESP  
3742Josh Waltimyer from San Jose, CA  (image)  (deceased)
3743Rob from NY, with ESP  
3744Vadim Andryeyev (euroreflexgti) from Manassas, VA, with ESP  
3746Josh (Ree) from Oregon, IL, with ESP  
3747Sanji Dolic (3747Gti) from Boise, ID, with ESP  
374820AE GTI spotted in Falls Church, VA  
3749Antoni from Clifton, NJ  
3750Patricia Brooks from Tucson, AZ  
3751Jackie Noonan from NY  
3752Bryan McCarthy from Jefferson, NJ  (image)  
3753Jeff from Passaic County, NJ  
3754Brandon Benore from Temperance, MI  
3756Bryan from Greendale, WI, with ESP  (image)  
375720AE GTI spotted in NH  
3758Carroll Township Police Department from Dillsburg, PA  
3759Christopher (mean20thgti) from Tampa, FL, with ESP  
3760Cedric Rivera from El Paso, TX  
376120AE GTI spotted in ND  
376220AE GTI spotted in NY  
3765Eric W from Suffolk, NY  
3766chungie from Boston, MA, with ESP  
376820AE GTI spotted in TX  
3769Ivan (DUKE) from NJ  
3770Cris Navarrete from North Bergen, NJ  
3771Dan from PA  (image)  
3777Yuriy Shumylo from Philadelphia, PA, with ESP  
3778Max R (8vdualrounds) from Wakefield, RI, with ESP  
3781Calvin Ward from Patriot, IN, with ESP  
3782Luis (luismr) from NJ  
3784Chris (92gtivr6) from WA, with ESP  
3785David Ladebush (20thDave) from Lyman, ME  
3786Jeff Clark from Byram, NJ  (image)  
3790Kenny Shoulders (bmxpirate) from Ocean City, NJ  
3792Todd (red913) from Huntington Beach, CA, with ESP  (image)  
3797Sean (Daveman2345) from Alexandria, VA, with ESP  
3799Clayton from Denver, CO  (image)  (deceased)
3800Sheden (NineHitCombo) from New Castle, DE  
3804Russell Fortenberry (Brer Rabbit) from Arab, AL, with ESP  
3805Myles Bowen-Walsh (Myles) from Vancouver (BC, CAN), CA, with ESP  (image)  
3806Mike Suranyi (DucMike) from Citrus Heights, CA, with ESP  
380720AE GTI spotted in FL  
3812Marcus S. (Marcus S.) from Cape Coral, FL, with ESP  (image)  
3814Robert Hill from Plano, TX, with ESP  
3815Joel Wilcoxson from FL, with ESP  
3818Ryan from NY  
3819Kyle Tavares from Fall River, MA, with ESP  
3821Ben Gonyea (ben the boss) from Springfield, MA  
3822Douglas Williams (venom600) from Pomona, CA, with ESP  
3824Matthew from NY, with ESP  
382720AE GTI spotted in VA  
3832Jazmine Ellis (thugahontus) from Birmingham, AL, with ESP  
3839Jay (Jay) from CA, with ESP  
3923Leonard T. (Mk4GLI Dark is Light) from Gardena, CA  
3924Dylan Carney (Cown3d) from Durham, NC, with ESP  
392520AE GTI spotted in MA  
3927Matt K from Stony Brook, NY  
392920AE GTI spotted in CA  
3930John (JB_1152) from North Saint Paul, MN, with ESP  
3932Brandon Naus (Naus50) from Schuylkill Haven, PA, with ESP  
3933Luis Velasco from CO  
3934Charlie Wimmer (BusDryver420) from Salem, VA  
3937Geoff Leazer from Salina, KS  
3938Retro Red from Phoenix, AZ, with ESP  
393920AE GTI spotted in NJ  
3942Tyler Tierson (ginster vr6) from NY, with ESP  
3943Anthony Spain from Camas, WA, with ESP  
3944Matt Allen from Jacksonville, FL  
3945Bryan Ramirez from NY  
3947Christian Hergert (chrish01) from Aliso Viejo, CA, with ESP  (image)  
3948Anthony Dellarosa from Gresham, OR, with ESP  
395320AE GTI spotted in Austin, TX  
3954Bybel from NY  
3956Jason Reuben from Portland, OR, with ESP  
3957Ryan from Marysville, WA, with ESP  
3966Mike Keenly (mkeenly) from Menlo Park, CA, with ESP  
396720AE GTI spotted in Succasunna, NJ  (image)  
3973Ian Dunkel (spaceghost) from Bayshore, NY, with ESP  
3976Napo from Portsmouth, VA, with ESP  (image)  
3977Aaron Mollock (vtecwrecker) from Glen Burnie, MD  
397820AE GTI spotted in FL  
3979Chris Keyes (Slo20th) from Phoenix, AZ, with ESP  (image)  
3980Michael Tauber (Timmy) from Whitehall, PA  
398220AE GTI spotted in FL  
3983Dan Good (94-8v jetta) from Doylestown, PA  
3984Jason Haas (GADGET) from Woodmere, NY, with ESP  
3985Kenny Wigfall (Sicivicassasin91) from Boston, MA, with ESP  (image)  
3986Robb from NJ, with ESP  
3987Charlie Fitch (20thAE3987) from NY  (image)  
3989Aram Osterlye (leg) from Petaluma, CA, with ESP  
3990Delius Bune (63vdub) from South Burlington, VT, with ESP  
3991Jerry Orman (jb20th3991) from Cedar Hill, TX, with ESP  
3997Michael Marzilli (Xero_Dobbler) from DE  (image)  
3999Mike (RiceBurner) from Long Island, NY  
4000Chase (4k20th) from Toledo, OH, with ESP  (image)  
Registered Cars : 795

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Canadian Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

CanadaRegistered Cars : 38
0192Steve Jutras from Magog, QC, with ESP  
0261Daniel (Nickolas) from Port Coquitlam, BC, with ESP  
090520AE GTI spotted in ON  
1446Melissa (TUGZVR6) from Newmarket, ON, with ESP  (image)  
1741Jeff (JB20th) from Ottawa, ON, with ESP  
189720AE GTI spotted in BC  
1909Robert (00Bob) from QC, with ESP  
254020AE GTI spotted in BC  
2571EFFJ from BC  
2575Philippe Chagnon from Montréal, QC, with ESP  
2625Dominique from Rimouski, QC, with ESP  
2636A Cheung from Markham, ON, with ESP  
2693Chris Rosete (Welshy) from Ottawa, ON  
2699Scott Mitchell (HAROMASTER) from Winnipeg, MB, with ESP  (image)  
2705Reinier (westy) from Kitchener, ON, with ESP  
287120AE GTI spotted in QC  
2950Derek Niers (Ginch) from Calgary, AB, with ESP  
3173Mark (WOB_GTI337) from Oakville, ON, with ESP  (image)  
3248Keith Idland from Red Deer, AB, with ESP  
357620AE GTI spotted in ON  
3703Raffaele from Brampton, ON  
373120AE GTI spotted in ON  
380520AE GTI spotted in BC  
3935Karine Lessard from Trois-Rivières, QC, with ESP  
4991Eric (G2VR6MAN) from Montréal, QC  (image)  
5000SoccerGTI from Montreal, QC  
507120AE GTI spotted in ON  
5078Kevin Misner (misner) from Halifax, NS, with ESP  
5082Clayton (VWtrance) from Vancouver, BC  
5086Josh Rodford (jrodvdub96) from Grand Valley, ON  
5097Raffi K from Hamilton, ON  (image)  
510720AE GTI spotted in BC  
513720AE GTI spotted in BC  
7809Maikan from QC  
874820AE GTI spotted in ON  
9589Jeremy from Winnipeg, MB  
9667Ryan (UGO2SLOW) from Pickering, ON, with ESP  
9717Christian (Bolduc) from St-Frédéric de Beauce, QC  (image)  
Registered Cars : 38

*Note: Canadian cars are not numbered like US cars. The number shown for Canadian cars is the last 4 digits of the VIN.

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