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Canadian Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

CanadaRegistered Cars : 36
0261Daniel (Nickolas) from Port Coquitlam, BC, with ESP  
0335Bobby Brown from BC  
0578Nathan (VWguy87) from BC  
0845Peter from Victoria, BC, with ESP  
0969Brent from BC, with ESP  
1812Michelle Cyprus (Michy) from New Westminster, BC, with ESP  (image)  
1834Steve Smith (inmotion) from Langely, BC  
189720AE GTI spotted in BC  
2017Julian from BC, with ESP  
223420AE GTI spotted in BC  
254020AE GTI spotted in BC  
2571EFFJ from BC  
2765Christian Buschner (cbuschner) from Vancouver, BC, with ESP  
280220AE GTI spotted in BC  
2806Clayton (cloors) from Kamloops, BC, with ESP  
2830Ryan Grill (2830GTI) from Abbotsford, BC, with ESP  (image)  
2944Costa (yvr20th) from North Vancouver, BC, with ESP  
3261Patrick from Abbotsford, BC, with ESP  
3350Mengil (PVDUBBER) from Cloverdale, BC, with ESP  
3453Adrian Wassmer from Courtenay, BC, with ESP  
380520AE GTI spotted in BC  
392920AE GTI spotted in BC  
5082Clayton (VWtrance) from Vancouver, BC  
510720AE GTI spotted in BC  
513720AE GTI spotted in BC  
5152Matt from Vancouver, BC  
5164Kevin from BC  
5333H.E. Penny Packer from BC  
536620AE GTI spotted in BC  
5408Kyle (Kyle) from Delta, BC  
542020AE GTI spotted in BC  
6277Ryan Tarampi (Rye_Rye) from Vancouver, BC  
9506Nic from Cloverdale, BC  
9870Michael Lam (Mike) from Vancouver, BC  
989920AE GTI spotted in BC  
992920AE GTI spotted in BC  
Registered Cars : 36

*Note: Canadian cars are not numbered like US cars. The number shown for Canadian cars is the last 4 digits of the VIN.

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