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Canadian Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

CanadaRegistered Cars : 49
009020AE GTI spotted in QC  
0109Nick from Montreal, QC  
0192Steve Jutras from Magog, QC, with ESP  
0398Jeremie Arpaia (JAVW) from Coteau-du-Lac, QC  (image)  
051620AE GTI spotted in QC  
0585Frederic (fred340) from Montreal, QC  
0589Nicolas (nicorod) from st-odilon, QC, with ESP  
060320AE GTI spotted in QC  
0638strasse from Montreal, QC  
078720AE GTI spotted in QC  
080020AE GTI spotted in QC  
1016Tommy Deschênes (gti20thtom) from st-sulpice, QC, with ESP  (image)  
107620AE GTI spotted in QC  
1258Helen (HelensBMP) from Montreal, QC  
1329Guillaume B from QC  
1360Tristan from Montreal, QC  
1558Michael Peters from Montreal, QC, with ESP  
1569Jonathan (Zythum) from QC  
158520AE GTI spotted in QC  
1598Frank Massotti (blackbettygti) from Montreal, QC, with ESP  
1662Bernard Hossari (Gri20ae) from Laval, QC  
1860Tristan (20th_gti) from Montreal, QC  
1909Robert (00Bob) from QC, with ESP  
2575Philippe Chagnon from Montréal, QC, with ESP  
2625Dominique from Rimouski, QC, with ESP  
2679James from Montreal, QC, with ESP  
282720AE GTI spotted in QC  
287120AE GTI spotted in QC  
2882Paul Bowden (Fukengruven) from Montreal, QC, with ESP  
2962Roy from QC, with ESP  
2968Guillaume.B. (Gui) from QC, QC  
3032Nick Roussakis from Montreal, QC  
3935Karine Lessard from Trois-Rivières, QC, with ESP  
4991Eric (G2VR6MAN) from Montréal, QC  (image)  
5000SoccerGTI from Montreal, QC  
5010Yanick Gagnon (Twisgabak) from Gatineau, QC  (image)  
5034Bernard from Montreal, QC, with ESP  
5167Dominic L (doom20) from Drummondville, QC, with ESP  
5363Deborah from Montreal, QC, with ESP  
5398Jeremie Arpaia (JA Tuning) from QC  (image)  
5402Max (Da Bo$$) from Gatineau, QC  
5411Sacha (50 MPG) from Chicoutimi, QC  (image)  
5414Jan Valenta (Valenta) from QC  
5432Jean-Pierre Richer (Black magic) from Montreal, QC, with ESP  
589020AE GTI spotted in Montreal, QC  
6025Tommy Deschênes (TOMGTI) from QC  
7320Elie Habib from (Lebanon, Beirut), QC, with ESP  
7809Maikan from QC  
9717Christian (Bolduc) from St-Frédéric de Beauce, QC  (image)  
Registered Cars : 49

*Note: Canadian cars are not numbered like US cars. The number shown for Canadian cars is the last 4 digits of the VIN.

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