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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 68
0032Jay E. (Deadking) from AZ  
0049Will Kleinz (vwgti49) from Scottsdale, AZ  
0052Jay Erskine (Deadking) from Sierra Vista, AZ, with ESP  
0082Brad Watkins (corradovolksb) from Scottsdale, AZ  
0124Julio Otero from Phoenix, AZ  
014320AE GTI spotted in AZ  
0221David Hobart (caed03d) from Phoenix, AZ  
0235Bill Ingles (merdenoms) from Tempe, AZ, with ESP  
083220AE GTI spotted in AZ  
0846Robert (rawbee) from Glendale, AZ  
0857Juan Carlos Larios from Tolleson, AZ  
086320AE GTI spotted in Phoenix, AZ  (image)  
0865Alex Martinez from Gilbert, AZ, with ESP  
0893Cole Phillips (ASdubs) from Tempe, AZ, with ESP  (image)  
1279Sarah (knightrider) from mesa, AZ  
1287Matt & Anna Thrasher (Thrasher26) from Scottsdale, AZ, with ESP  (image)  
1297Ryan Driscoll (Turtle Time v2) from Anthem, AZ, with ESP  
1298Kenny (kdub) from Phoenix, AZ, with ESP  
1322Kai Wang (nyc228) from Phoenix, AZ, with ESP  
1347Dustin Barre from AZ  
1366Mike Garrett (Xlors) from Glendale, AZ  
142220AE GTI spotted in AZ  
1426Patrick (Crzypdilly) from Tucson, AZ  
1442Kyle from AZ  (image)  
1466Jason S from Glendale, AZ  
1499Laura Middleton from Phoenix, AZ  
150020AE GTI spotted in AZ  
155320AE GTI spotted in AZ  
1685Beau Frusetta (bizzeau) from Gilbert, AZ, with ESP  (image)  
169420AE GTI spotted in AZ  
1707AWK (20thKispian) from AZ  
1799Chad (cae92283) from Tempe, AZ  
1833Kyle Nunn from AZ  
1911Bryan Lang from AZ  
194420AE GTI spotted in AZ  
1964Tyson from Phoenix, AZ  
2014Don Lockett from Tucson, AZ  
2016Eric (ded rabbit) from Phoenix, AZ  
2099Jon Wing (Eviloliv3) from AZ  
2109Kevin (BajaAE2109) from Mesa, AZ  (image)  
2130Miguel Martínez Arciga from Ario de Rosales, Mexico, AZ, with ESP  (image)  
2222Mariah Hernandez (mdlahh) from Yuma, AZ  (image)  
2229Justin Beckett (j. beck) from Phoenix, AZ  
224020AE GTI spotted in AZ  
225720AE GTI spotted in AZ  
2269Geoff Nicholson (Black92EightValve) from Phoenix, AZ  
2298Cameron from Mesa, AZ  
234420AE GTI spotted in AZ  
2743Ruben Garcia (sausage) from Phoenix, AZ, with ESP  
2747Kevin Knight (rubadub87) from AZ  (image)  
2790Aaron W from Yuma, AZ  
2807Finman from Scottsdale, AZ  
288120AE GTI spotted in AZ  
290520AE GTI spotted in AZ  
2919Jason (Zero Carrier) from Glendale, AZ  
2960Garett (gadget_58) from Tempe, AZ  
3132Brad Allen from Scottsdale, AZ  
3185Daniel Hardy from Chandler, AZ, with ESP  
3191Joe W (Tidony) from AZ  
3194Nicholas (thegoldenpower) from AZ  
3294Tim Missal from Tucson, AZ, with ESP  
3332Matt (MattMattMatt) from Jack, AZ, with ESP  
334820AE GTI spotted in AZ  
3560Christian Andrade (Dubtech08) from Reading, AZ, with ESP  
3598Dave (20th_3598) from Mesa, AZ, with ESP  
3750Patricia Brooks from Tucson, AZ  
3938Retro Red from Phoenix, AZ, with ESP  
3979Chris Keyes (Slo20th) from Phoenix, AZ, with ESP  (image)  
Registered Cars : 68

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