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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 70
0025Keon Antoine from Manchester, CT  
0075Matt (clatty) from CT  (image)  
0147Chris (Big turbo 20th) from Trumbull, CT  
0151RMG from Enfield, CT  
0202Zach Mcateer (zatchdubz) from New Milford, CT  
0219Eric Blum (AnniversaryGTi03) from Easton, CT, with ESP  (image)  
0236MANKA from Berlin, CT, with ESP  
0308Phil from CT, with ESP  
0371Mirsad from Wallingford, CT, with ESP  
0479Justin from CT  
0583Robert (0g3ti) from CT  
0618Francesco from CT, with ESP  (image)  
0633Andrew Bertelli (AudiobahnJetta) from Clinton, CT  (image)  
0672Orion from Shelton, CT, with ESP  
0691Jay (jay@namotorsports) from Northeast, CT, with ESP  
0717Joey (Joey B) from Bridgeport, CT, with ESP  
0831Leo (bbc402) from Danbury, CT, with ESP  
1053Julio Galindo (Jgalindo) from Fairfield, CT  
1101Patrick (slammingears) from Fairfield, CT, with ESP  
11162slogetta from Mansfield, CT  
1119Anthony DelFranco from Stratford, CT, with ESP  
112320AE GTI spotted in CT  
1177Marc (==) from CT, with ESP  
1305Rick Perucki (rperucki) from Newington, CT, with ESP  
148120AE GTI spotted in Newington, CT  (image)  
1482Nate (one8nate) from Durham, CT  (image)  
1542corradoproblem from CT  
1546Dave Fish from CT  
1555Jeff from Brookfield, CT  (image)  
1643Eazy E from Newtown, CT  
1832Sean Lisle from CT  
1914Mike (evolbunny) from Somers, CT, with ESP  
191920AE GTI spotted in CT  
200120AE GTI spotted in Meriden, CT  
209220AE GTI spotted in CT  
2428Michael (Mjaros49) from New Britain, CT  
2485Jay (digz) from Meriden, CT  (deceased)
2492Travis (the.tdi.kid) from Woodstock, CT  
2595Damon Wardwell from CT  
2601Nick Drake (drakeman86) from Enfield, CT  
2607Scott from Stratford, CT, with ESP  (image)  
2634Sarp Ballar (absoluturq) from CT  
2648William and Shannon Yager from Manchester, CT  
2664Jack Hughes (Karma) from CT  
2681Mike Maltese from Shelton, CT  (image)  
2843Ian Campbell from Newtown, CT  
3024Zach Fusco (zzff20) from Glastonbury, CT  
3113Jay Piccirillo from Milford, CT  
311720AE GTI spotted in CT  
3122Corrine (lowslow8v) from Brookfield, CT, with ESP  
3126Ryan (dubster3126) from Wilton, CT  
3154Alex Raiche (GTIVR6MK4) from St-Etienne-des-Gres (QC, CAN), CT, with ESP  (image)  
3159Chris Dubwagn from CT  (image)  (deceased)
3177Mari B (Fast Bunny) from CT  (image)  
3266John from Naugatuck, CT, with ESP  (image)  
3346Adamm Mitchell (fastginstergti) from Haddam, CT  
3378Dave from CT, with ESP  
3383Tod C Powers from Redding, CT, with ESP  
3395Matt Seiders (Guitarmanmatt) from CT, with ESP  
3401Stephanie from Durham, CT, with ESP  
3405Ed Kuryluk (Analog Kid) from Fairfield, CT, with ESP  (image)  
3407Chris Dubwagn from CT, with ESP  (image)  
3421Bluntman from CT  
3507Mike (mike712) from Seymour, CT, with ESP  
362320AE GTI spotted in Greenwich, CT  
368520AE GTI spotted in CT  
3722S. Quinn from Hamden, CT, with ESP  
373720AE GTI spotted in CT  
386520AE GTI spotted in Newtown, CT  
3895Stan (Good Speed) from Danbury, CT, with ESP  
Registered Cars : 70

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