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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 197
0006Brandon (5speedfury) from Panama City, FL  (image)  
0047Sebastian (sebas) from MIami, FL, with ESP  
009420AE GTI spotted in FL  
0133Greg from Port Saint Lucie, FL  (deceased)
0160Ryan Brady (TheSkyylinedrive) from Merritt Island, FL  (image)  
0178Leah from FL  
0240Henry R Beauchamp (@king_bazkki Instagram) from West Palm Beach, FL  (image)  
0269Cabe Crisler from Clearwater, FL, with ESP  
029820AE GTI spotted in FL  
0299David Miller (sbdrbyman_212) from Coral Springs, FL  (image)  
030020AE GTI spotted in Tampa, FL  
0312Mike Marzuco (DubZuc) from Tampa, FL  
0316Mark Mackenzie (Mmack) from Palm Harbor, FL  (image)  
0332Rodney Nieves from Fort Pierce, FL, with ESP  
0350Rex Moore (rex7) from Pensacola, FL  
0363Laszlo Maczek from Daytona Beach, FL, with ESP  (image)  
039020AE GTI spotted in FL  
041220AE GTI spotted in FL  
041320AE GTI spotted in FL  
0422Phil from FL  
0437Zach Harris (hockey345) from Ft Lauderdale, FL  
0443Alex Gomez (agomez3) from Tampa, FL  (image)  
0445Christian Fitch from Pensacola, FL  
0454Chris from Parkland, FL  
045520AE GTI written off, from FL  (image)  (deceased)
0492Tyler (destinyracing) from Miramar, FL  
0498Eric (Yarbrough) from Tampa, FL  
0530Giancarlo from Coral Springs, FL  
0539Joe Mathieu (lighthelamp23) from FL, with ESP  
0540Alan Cohen (Cronic) from Lake Worth, FL  (image)  
0542Albert Ramos from Hialeah, FL, with ESP  (image)  
0545Peter (Gtiguy2330) from Miami, FL  
0557Mike and Faith (03RabbitGTI#0557) from FL  (image)  
0558Joshua Baskin (Sour Diesal GTI) from Miami, FL, with ESP  
055920AE GTI spotted in FL  (image)  
0562Dave Torres from Coral Springs, FL  (image)  
0565Jedi from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, with ESP  
0578GTI~Turbo from Delray Beach, FL  (image)  
0608Maria from Orlando, FL  
0696Keith Hastings from Jacksonville, FL  
0710Matthew (symplex17) from Orlando, FL  
0711Carlos Fox (raperak74) from Panama City, FL, with ESP  (deceased)
0718Abe Shabaneh from Cocoa Beach, FL, with ESP  
0731Kenneth from St. Augustine, FL, with ESP  (image)  
0732Nicholas Fernandez (darkknight13) from Coral Springs, FL  
0742Jesse Duer (GTI20thNo742) from Stuart, FL, with ESP  
0777Lu Rivera (Lu282) from Tampa, FL  
0783Matt Fink from Orlando, FL  
0816James (GTI 816) from Apopka, FL, with ESP  
0842Nathalie Nau ( from Miramar, FL  
0844Dominic L (doom20) from (Drummondville, QC), FL, with ESP  (image)  
0871Daniel (gtiraca23) from Boca Raton, FL, with ESP  
0879Joshua Cesani from Lutz, FL  (image)  
0900Matthew J, Vento (HxC_KID) from Coral Springs, FL  
090720AE GTI spotted in Sarasota, FL  (image)  
0922David Deray (350whp) from Miami, FL, with ESP  
0923Eric Berger from Boca Raton, FL, with ESP  
0924Ryan Brown from Myakka City, FL  
0932Keith Hastings from Jacksonville, FL, with ESP  
0939Daniel (Jazzblue939) from Tampa, FL, with ESP  
0956Stephanie (imolagti956) from Miramar, FL, with ESP  (image)  
0958Joao Gluck (eurojg) from Miramar, FL, with ESP  (image)  
0973Michael Wellins from Punta Gorda, FL, with ESP  
098720AE GTI spotted in FL  
0997Antisocial78 from Sanford, FL, with ESP  
1089John Falciglia (Slvrgti18t or ImolaShrtbus) from Davie, FL  
1095Kevin from Jacksonville, FL, with ESP  
1139Matt Boyer (VendettaGTI) from Miami, FL  
1170d e z (Dilemmah) from Weston, FL, with ESP  (image)  
1190Sean Beckford from FL  
1199Juan Maldonado (Js20th) from Fort Lauderdale, FL, with ESP  
1260Wyatt Mulroney from FL  (image)  (deceased)
1290John Lind from Fort Lauderdale, FL  
1291Bill Boughton (JSU101) from Jacksonville, FL, with ESP  (image)  
1327Juan (Comunaz) from Miami, FL, with ESP  
1364Arli Mancilla (GTI#1364) from Fort Walton Beach, FL  
1374Todd Murphy from Jacksonville, FL, with ESP  (image)  
1414Scott J. Bowen (HOG4DNR) from Delray Beach, FL  
141820AE GTI spotted in Miami, FL  (image)  
1449Alex Alonso from Sarasota, FL  
1452Luke (1452hax20th) from Jacksonville, FL  
148820AE GTI spotted in Tampa Bay, FL  (image)  
1493Craig Fulton (Fultoncm) from St. Petersburg, FL  (image)  
150520AE GTI spotted in FL  
1529Chris L. (Akaten) from Melbourne, FL  (image)  
1549Jesse Scott (Jesse) from Palm Harbor, FL  
1564Manuel Garro from Costa Rica, FL  
1670Marcus (O0oSKAMo0O) from Miami, FL  
167120AE GTI spotted in FL  
1724Eddie Hollis (Fastgixxer) from Melbourne, FL, with ESP  
174220AE GTI spotted in Niceville, FL  (image)  
1747Omar Ramirez from Naples, FL  
1750Lenin from Plantation, FL, with ESP  
1751Ray-Ray Bridges (Ray-Ray) from FL  
1788Steve (StevieMac) from Orlando, FL  
1797Igor Rodrigues from Orlando, FL  
1821Duane Jamel (Vdubturb0) from Miami, FL  
1901Chris Anderson (@gasinmyveins18T) from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  (image)  
1910Diana Bader (Diana) from Windermere, FL  
1938Michael Martucci (Tucci) from Boca Raton, FL  (image)  
1962Martin Christopher from FL  (image)  (deceased)
1993Tommy (ltjcrew06) from Orlando, FL  (image)  
2019Oscar Adrian from FL  
2022Juan Ruiz (volksGTI2022) from Fort Lauderdale, FL, with ESP  
2068Bryan Cortes from Orlando, FL, with ESP  (image)  
2079Jesse (Blueview04) from Ft. Lauderdale, FL  
2108Shaiyanne Johnson from FL  
2154Bill Rowell from Sarasota, FL, with ESP  
2193Brennen Unrein from FL, with ESP  (image)  
2251John (zingos) from Winter Park, FL, with ESP  
2320Anthony Viola from Tampa, FL  
2356Mike (M-dub2.8) from Tampa, FL  (image)  
2357Mike (homegrown24) from Safety Harbor, FL, with ESP  (image)  
2366Bobby White (ikandi) from Fort Lauderdale, FL  (deceased)
2382Paul Johnson (Jay 5) from Eglin AFB, FL, with ESP  
239520AE GTI spotted in FL  
2426Chris Chapman from Daytona Beach, FL, with ESP  (image)  
2431Glenn M. Winston (O YEAA) from Orlando, FL  
2490Jose Candelaria Eleutice from Miami, FL  
2500Zach from Lakeland, FL  
2504Leo from Tamarac, FL  
2506Eddie Perez (jazzy20th) from Orlando, FL  
2507Grant Nichols (SmarterGrant) from Plant City, FL  
2510Dennis Alvarado (Dennis2510) from Orlando, FL, with ESP  (image)  
251120AE GTI spotted in Miami, FL  
2531Lyle Herman (furbark1) from Delray Beach, FL  
253220AE GTI spotted in FL  
253520AE GTI written off, from Miami, FL  (image)  (deceased)
2545Geoff (gitman) from Fort Myers, FL  (image)  
255920AE GTI spotted in Margate, FL  (image)  
2564Monica (Monicuh) from West Palm Beach, FL, with ESP  
2572Jason Heidenthal from Boynton Beach, FL, with ESP  
2592Stephen Brown from Boynton Beach, FL  
2605Justin Calla (oneyellow20th2605) from FL, with ESP  (image)  
261120AE GTI spotted in Pompano Beach, FL  (image)  
262420AE GTI spotted in Miami, FL  
2645Michael Anstis from Daytona Beach, FL  
2866Jesse (@jessee.s) from FL  
2886Ian Kosiek (86Cressida86) from Orange Park, FL  
2889stro from Miami, FL  (image)  
2891Mark Ballou (ezcmopane) from Tampa, FL, with ESP  (image)  
2899Jason (Procta) from Jacksonville, FL, with ESP  
2901Jeremy (JeremyT) from FL, with ESP  
2913Byron Colon from Orlando, FL  (image)  
2933Rob Rose from Brandon, FL  
2939Alexis Luis Perez (Alexis L. Perez) from Miami, FL  (image)  
2949Cameron (Lehrer) from Plantation, FL  
2950Steve (Stevo) from FL  
2972John Sena (rdirtytoo) from Port Saint Lucie, FL  
2991David Arledge (UNVM8) from Lake Worth, FL  (image)  
3029Brendan Kaye (Bren101) from Coral Springs, FL  
3097Rey Diaz from Cape Coral, FL  
3175Jazzy from Miami, FL, with ESP  
3186Sean (Gnukner) from Sarasota, FL, with ESP  
3187Nicol Freeman (skitlesamm) from Punta Gorda, FL  (image)  (deceased)
3189Timmermans (Mr Euro) from FL  (image)  
3193Diego Diaz from Orlando, FL  
3204Greg Aviles from FL, with ESP  
3209Michael J. Palumbo (20AE#3209) from Orlando, FL, with ESP  
3215Brent from Tampa, FL  (deceased)
3221Jeraldo Fernandez (f3rnace) from Riverview, FL, with ESP  
3260Omar from FL  
3283Jake Vogel (jhv1209) from Orlando, FL, with ESP  
328520AE GTI spotted in DeLand, FL  
3302Greyhound from FL  
3323Trey H (BlackGeeTI) from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, with ESP  
3340Jonah (GTI3340) from Fort Lauderdale, FL, with ESP  
3392Keith Barrett from Niceville, FL, with ESP  
3396Michael Mohan from Hollwood, FL, with ESP  
3425Claudio (1RADTOY) from Delray Beach, FL, with ESP  
3442Neil from Coral Springs, FL, with ESP  
3447Ron Anderson from Naples, FL  
3463Mike (Neks0ne) from Miami, FL  
3530Jonathan Pratchios (digital-jellyfish) from Orlando, FL, with ESP  
3551Sean Niederkorn (eeemolaaa3551) from Ruskin, FL, with ESP  (image)  
3574Bill Gee (Imola 20th) from St Pete, FL, with ESP  
358620AE GTI spotted in FL  
3602Roberto Lugo Jr (Robswagen) from Orlando, FL, with ESP  
3603Willie (futura 1.8) from Miami, FL, with ESP  (image)  
3629Eddie Wenta from FL, with ESP  
3661Vinnie Tirri from Coral Springs, FL, with ESP  
3667Daniel I. Santiago from FL  
3687Kevin Dommermuth (donkeymule) from Tampa, FL  
369020AE GTI spotted in Gainesville, FL  (image)  
3759Christopher (mean20thgti) from Tampa, FL, with ESP  
3775Elbys (GTI 3775 20AE) from Pembroke Pines, FL, with ESP  
380720AE GTI spotted in FL  
3812Marcus S. (Marcus S.) from Cape Coral, FL, with ESP  (image)  
3815Joel Wilcoxson from FL, with ESP  
3826Mike Flanagan (Play-Da-Blues) from Jacksonville, FL, with ESP  (image)  
3828Mike Lechler (ImolaMk4) from Orlando, FL, with ESP  
3842Becky Lang (BekoGeko) from Davie, FL, with ESP  
3889Marc-AndrĂ© (Mambo_low) from Montreal (QC, CAN), FL, with ESP  (image)  
3944Matt Allen from Jacksonville, FL  
3971Edward (Piper) from Sunrise, FL, with ESP  
397820AE GTI spotted in FL  
398220AE GTI spotted in FL  
Registered Cars : 197

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