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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 74
0041Erik Lowry (Rabbit0041) from Tifton, GA  
0101Patrick M (Patrick) from Atlanta, GA  
0105Mike (Tucci) from Atlanta, GA  
0132Will Edwards (Will) from Gainesville, GA, with ESP  
0292Gianni L from Roswell, GA  
0375Garrison Brooks (garrison) from Atlanta, GA  
0419Jarrett Helms (ATL1.8T) from Atlanta, GA  
044220AE GTI spotted in GA  
0480Sandro Herrera (Chamooco) from México, GA, with ESP  (image)  
0484Dean from GA  
0505Nick Clark (GTI505) from Atlanta, GA  (image)  
0550Brian Boatright (nameci) from Sugar Hill, GA  (image)  
056420AE GTI spotted in GA  
0594Timothy Serafin from Augusta, GA, with ESP  
0674Robert McKinney (LaotianAsn4) from Sharpsburg, GA  (image)  
0705SJL136 from Atlanta, GA  
0713Daniel Selagea (Jettamk4) from Lawrenceville, GA  
0714Ray Jares (webmagellan) from Augusta, GA  
0721Elliott Reid (PorscheAlbany) from Albany, GA, with ESP  (image)  
0734Chris Sheffield (cwsheffield) from Thomasville, GA, with ESP  
0776Justin Butler (AIM- Justintime8425) from Cumming, GA  
0782Greg Norton (the greg) from Marietta, GA, with ESP  (image)  
0881Anthony Russello from Cumming, GA, with ESP  
1066Tylor Woolson from Savannah, GA  
1158Lee Purvis from Macon, GA, with ESP  
1285Daniel Adelman from Atlanta, GA, with ESP  
1303Miki Bajric from Atlanta, GA, with ESP  (image)  
132820AE GTI spotted in GA  
1355Cal Shirey from Atlanta, GA  
1387Chris Collier from McDonough, GA  
139820AE GTI spotted in GA  
1436Kenneth Eckhoff from Ft Benning, GA, with ESP  
1609Jose Rodriguez (kucho1982) from Dalton, GA  
1709Chase McClure (wishfulsleeping) from Savannah, GA  
1710Daniel Emerich (thereefster2004) from Duluth, GA, with ESP  (image)  
1778Shaun Camay (SGC XIV) from Marietta, GA  
178620AE GTI spotted in GA  
1787Jeff Hipps (blown_sixdub) from Atlanta, GA  
186620AE GTI spotted in GA  
1960Justin Court from GA, with ESP  
204520AE GTI spotted in GA  
2076drm916 from Atlanta, GA, with ESP  
209820AE GTI spotted in GA  
2217Gary Yates from GA, with ESP  
2326Brian Bell from Atlanta, GA  
236520AE GTI spotted in Roswell, GA  (image)  
2403Joe Byrd from GA  
2432Chris Thornton from GA  
2435Billy (Mr. Mustard) from GA  
249920AE GTI spotted in Lilburn, GA  (image)  
2574Jesse Vogt from Cumming, GA  
2600Rich Cooper (djmanrc) from Alpharetta, GA  (image)  (deceased)
2614Alexia Villazon from Atlanta, GA  
2835Miguel A Camacho from Columbus, GA  
2858Ruben (Ruben_t) from Lawrenceville, GA  
2874Clarissa from GA  
2987Arnulfo Gomez (GomezGTI) from Sandy Springs, GA  (image)  
3001vwfeen from Ft. Benning, GA  
3017Michael (L1TTLEgreenMAN) from Atlanta, GA  
3019Jeremy Greer (blackgti20th) from Canton, GA  
307120AE GTI spotted in GA  
3121Kevin Kloha (20th GTI) from Savannah, GA  
317320AE GTI spotted in Valdosta, GA, with ESP  
3201Andrew Alfonso from Fayetteville, GA  
3358Coston Barber from Macon, GA  
348220AE GTI spotted in Newnan, GA  (image)  
3569Alex Rhoades (IY20thAE3569) from Augusta, GA  
3583Joe Byrd from GA, with ESP  
3720Joseph Palmer (joshp912) from Tybee Island, GA  
3733A.T. from GA, with ESP  
3787Leah Evans (ugagirl85) from Athens, GA, with ESP  
3793Mike Balsink from Duluth, GA, with ESP  (image)  
3811Mark Stuckey/Melissa Kelly from GA, with ESP  
3841Terrance M. from GA, with ESP  
Registered Cars : 74

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