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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 16
0071Mark Adams (firegti) from Des Moines, IA  
0204Andrew Meyer from Cedar Rapids, IA  
0355Jeff (architct) from IA  
0411Dakota from Epworht, IA  
080520AE GTI spotted in IA  
0913Dane from Dubuque, IA, with ESP  (image)  
1150Jory (alasknbum) from Cedar Rapids, IA, with ESP  
1446Joe Dusing (Imola*20TH) from Waterloo, IA, with ESP  (image)  
1502Conner Klein (Conner) from Cedar Rapids, IA  (image)  
1517Lydia Smith (launchpad) from Dubuque, IA  
1783betr4me from Cedar Rapids, IA  
2497Sam Gray from Cedar Rapids, IA  
2530Andrew Ford from Cedar Rapids, IA  
266320AE GTI written off, from Dubuque, IA  (image)  (deceased)
3005Chris Heckle from West Des Moines, IA  
3278Cris Bartels from IA  (image)  
Registered Cars : 16

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