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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 99
0053Paul from Chicago, IL  
0174Kathy E from IL  
017520AE GTI spotted in IL  
0176Eric Kolton from Elk Grove Village, IL  
0210Wes Woolson (wool1) from IL  
021720AE GTI spotted in IL  
0218Scott from IL  
0261Clint (sigep) from Schaumburg, IL, with ESP  
0280Steve Janninck (W9VWS) from Clarendon Hills, IL  
028220AE GTI spotted in Chicago, IL  (image)  
0283Ashley O'Connor (ash71713) from Lake Villa, IL, with ESP  
0288Mason Perillo from New Lenox, IL  
0324Andrew Manocheo (aray01) from Chicago, IL  (image)  
035820AE GTI spotted in Chicago, IL  
0391Dakota Wetzel from IL  (image)  
061320AE GTI spotted in Cherry Valley, IL  
0743Ryan Molloy from Lake Forest, IL, with ESP  
0748Zack from Hoffman Estates, IL  
0830Jose Almaraz from Aurora, IL  
0859Kornel Tadeuszuk (AE0859) from IL  
0866Alex Mysliwiec (@alexmysliwiec) from Des Plaines, IL  
0961Grant Johnson from Rockford, IL  
1034Bart (MAXboostGTITuner) from Burbank, IL, with ESP  
1137VlaDiMir from Skokie, IL, with ESP  
113820AE GTI spotted in Chicago, IL  (image)  
1152Juan (LeoneStudios) from Chicago, IL, with ESP  
1165Megan (turboBOESE) from Palatine, IL, with ESP  (image)  
1174KY from Chicago, IL, with ESP  
1231Leah (LMJS) from Lemont, IL  
1242Aaron (RockinGti) from IL, with ESP  
1252Guillermo from IL  
1284Jim Glenn from Libertyville, IL, with ESP  
1301Minhaj Shahid (minoj) from West Chicago, IL, with ESP  
130220AE GTI spotted in Pontiac, IL  (image)  
134820AE GTI spotted in IL  
1372Ted (mats_sundin1372) from IL, with ESP  (image)  
1383Serhat from Lake in the hills, IL  (image)  
1395Mikey B. (No. 1395) from Bensenville, IL, with ESP  
1399Ed (etharding) from North Aurora, IL, with ESP  
1415John K. Jacoby (Jacoby) from Lake in the Hills, IL, with ESP  (image)  
1434Jeff Welling (jawgti) from Brighton, IL, with ESP  
1437Brandon Taylor from IL, with ESP  (image)  
1467Jonathan from IL, with ESP  (image)  
1547Austin Staunton (Commocozy) from Waukegan, IL  (image)  
1613David Hunt (>_<) from Moline, IL, with ESP  (image)  
1690Matt (Nextion) from IL, with ESP  
1712Nick Azzone from Gurnee, IL  
1740Bojidar from IL  
1758Miljan (Miljan3) from IL, with ESP  (image)  
1770Leslie Bayly (Queen Cobra) from Chicago, IL  
1773Peter Thorborg (Dub Factor) from Round Lake Beach, IL  
1792Drew Richards (Beer and Cheese) from Northbrook, IL, with ESP  
1819Markus (GTI 20th Anniversary) from Mt. Prospect, IL  
1823BJ Macato (ONE PNT 8) from Wheeling, IL  (image)  
1870Steve Viederis (sviederis) from Rockford, IL  
1881Maciej (Hetzen) from Morton Grove, IL, with ESP  
1898Matt (xmaciek82x) from Chicago, IL, with ESP  
2087Mike from IL  
2113Darren J Costello from IL  (image)  
2162Steve Kim from Chicago, IL, with ESP  (image)  
2283Antonio Ascencio from Chicago, IL  
230520AE GTI spotted in IL  
2334Doug Carter (upon3) from Lockport, IL, with ESP  (image)  
2472Edward Severin from Glenview, IL  
247420AE GTI spotted in IL  
2475Luis Aponte (VDUB_LU) from Chicago, IL, with ESP  
2525John (dell6181) from Chicago, IL  
2647Luke (Adrenaline X GAMES) from Des Plaines, IL  
299420AE GTI spotted in IL  
3036Alex Berman from Highland Park, IL  
3038Ula from Chicago, IL  
3046Haris Ramic (rzpower) from Chicago, IL  
3070Paul from Chicago, IL  
3115Ernie Reyes Jr from IL  
3127Kevin Byrne (DanceDv8) from Chicago, IL  
3152Jim (malone) from South Elgin, IL  
324120AE GTI spotted in IL  
326820AE GTI spotted in IL  
3296Michal Oleksinski from Des Plaines, IL, with ESP  (image)  
3352Will (20thGTI3352) from Chicago, IL, with ESP  (image)  
3371Alex from IL, with ESP  
3397Justin from Hoffman Est., IL, with ESP  
341820AE GTI spotted in IL  
3444Randy Santiago from Chicago, IL, with ESP  
3483Vincent (vcarra2) from Chicago, IL, with ESP  
3485Eugene (krolik1.8t) from IL, with ESP  (image)  
3490Chris (gsxrbusa1) from Addison, IL, with ESP  
3496Michal Oleksinski from Des Plaines, IL, with ESP  
3509Frank Padula from Woodbridge (ON, CAN), IL, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
3541Andrew from Champaign, IL  
354320AE GTI spotted in IL  
3562Joe Stroming (JSea) from IL, with ESP  
3604Conrad from IL, with ESP  
3641Tim Z from Chicago, IL  
3642Adrian from Chicago, IL  (image)  (deceased)
3678Tome P. (20anivTOMY20) from Chicago, IL  
3746Josh (Ree) from Oregon, IL, with ESP  
3795Pawel Famulka (pawlik056) from Burbank, IL  
3922Ricardo Cruz from Wheeling, IL  
Registered Cars : 99

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