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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 33
0034Mike G. (ElevatedGaze) from Indy, IN  (image)  
0121Hamilton (0122vwgti) from Salem, IN  
0122Jack Hamilton (0122vwgti) from Salem, IN  
0200Eric C. McBride from Evansville, IN  
0268Connor Rapala from Carmel, IN, with ESP  
0342Kevin Richardson from Jeffersonville, IN  
0459Scott Ezzell from IN, with ESP  
0709Riley Yoder from Mishawaka, IN  
0797Paul from Hobart, IN, with ESP  
1173Drew (Imola20thGTI) from Indianapolis, IN, with ESP  (image)  
128320AE GTI spotted in IN  
1307Calvin l ward from Patriot, IN, with ESP  
131720AE GTI spotted in Columbus, IN  (image)  
1370Kent Hurley (Flounder8u) from South Bend, IN, with ESP  (image)  
1403Cody M Gill (CLIFF) from Connersville, IN  
141320AE GTI spotted in IN  
146520AE GTI spotted in IN  
1508Clayton Akers (claytonakers) from Lebanon, IN  
1667Kyle Frame (Vr6JettaGLX97) from New Albany, IN  
1689Jason Wheat (UKFAN50) from Greenwood, IN  (image)  
2069Nick Stuckey from Indy, IN  (image)  
2128Vorderman Volkswagen from Fort Wayne, IN  
2182Kevin Richardson from Borden, IN  (image)  
2586Armin from IN  
261620AE GTI spotted in IN  
2820Paul Garcia (B5in) from Chicago, IN, with ESP  (image)  
2845Jason Wheat (UKFAN50) from Indianapolis, IN  (image)  
3014Eric F from IN  (image)  
3238Landon Katz (lkatz) from Granger, IN, with ESP  
3542Brian Kincaid (Boostn_yellowrabbit) from South Bend, IN, with ESP  (image)  
3700wrbmx from IN, with ESP  
3781Calvin Ward from Patriot, IN, with ESP  
3893Alec Hoernig from Lafayette, IN, with ESP  (image)  
Registered Cars : 33

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