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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 75
0005Art Basseth (Masvr6) from Randolph, MA  
0116Lynne Duquette (LynnieGTI) from Cape Cod, MA  
0150Nick Chaves (koolaidreia) from Dartmouth, MA  
0195Ross (EuroCars2music) from Springfield, MA  
0305Dane Frost (DaneFrost) from Newburyport, MA, with ESP  (image)  
0598Kevin Geisel (ksgeisel) from Gloucester, MA  
0671Chris Moyer from New Bedford, MA  (image)  
0707Erick (DracoCornelius) from Boston, MA, with ESP  
0719Jeff from Framingham, MA, with ESP  
0722Mike from MA, with ESP  
0729Nate Boucher (nate.dubb) from Western, MA, with ESP  
0754Mike (dubstyley) from Boston, MA, with ESP  
0755Katya (katya) from Fall River, MA, with ESP  
0810B. Murphy (hows yr edge) from MA, with ESP  
0811Damon Gray (StormD1ve) from MA, with ESP  
0822Christian Valle (Gtichris7) from Springfield, MA, with ESP  
0868Jim Dibb (jdibb) from Framingham, MA, with ESP  
116220AE GTI spotted in MA  
1172Bryan Coelho from Fall River, MA, with ESP  
117520AE GTI spotted in MA  
1181Matty Lacasse (vw4life) from Acushnet, MA, with ESP  (image)  
1189Jesse Duclos (dooho) from MA, with ESP  
1226Marc (benztech) from Malden, MA, with ESP  
1235Grant G. (x_GTI_x) from MA, with ESP  
128920AE GTI spotted in MA  
1324James Laschi from Methuen, MA, with ESP  
1334Ian from MA, with ESP  (image)  
1393J. P. Davis from MA, with ESP  
1409Pierre Lagar from MA  
1427Adam Brackett from Southbridge, MA, with ESP  
1539Steven M from Stoughton, MA  
1559Arthur Noel from MA  (image)  
157520AE GTI spotted in MA  
1580Patrick Casey from Brockton, MA  
1627Justin Schroth (gunner1124) from Boston, MA  
1630Nick (autobon) from Worcester, MA, with ESP  (image)  
1686Bryan Garczynski from MA, with ESP  
169920AE GTI written off, from Winchendon, MA  (image)  (deceased)
1920Sean Carberry (Carpedonut) from Somerville, MA  
2023David Sloan from South Hadley, MA  
2082Andrew Murphy from Worcester, MA  (image)  
2204Kris from Somerset, MA  
2216Cameron Bosnic from Dracut, MA  (image)  
2378Sarah Becker from MA  
238020AE GTI spotted in MA  
2398David Vooris (massdubbin) from Chicopee, MA  
2483Doug (16v) from Natick, MA  (image)  
2493Mark Bailey from MA  
2495Stacy Wigfall (Sicivicassasin91) from Boston, MA  (image)  
2617Adam Gray (AdamG118) from MA, with ESP  
2621Marc Von Kriegenbergh (MOFO CHICKEN) from Melrose, MA  (image)  
3101Noah Kowaloff from Newton, MA  
3130George (spoonedgti) from Boston, MA  
3143Justin Moreau (Boston20th) from Lowell, MA  (image)  
3148Jorge Pimentel (spoonedgti) from Roslindale, MA  (image)  
3163Steph (Greenidge) from MA  
3220Mark (Marky_mk4_kid) from Fairhaven, MA, with ESP  
3248Olutoyin Fayemi (Toyin) from Boston, MA, with ESP  (image)  
3282Matt (20thAna3282) from Methuen, MA  
3290Collin from Boston, MA, with ESP  
3357Troy Wilson from Dartmouth, MA, with ESP  
3379Jeff from Quincy, MA, with ESP  
3544Claudio (Cfreshh17) from New Bedford, MA, with ESP  
3584AJ (Monteiro) from MA  
3617Michael D. Rose from Seekonk, MA, with ESP  
3628Jeffrey Glasson from MA, with ESP  
3766chungie from Boston, MA, with ESP  
3819Kyle Tavares from Fall River, MA, with ESP  
3821Ben Gonyea (ben the boss) from Springfield, MA  
3900Steven from West Newton, MA  
3910Mark (MROSA) from Springfield, MA, with ESP  
3919Mikey Scraps (Mikey_Scraps) from Sudbury, MA  
3920Collin (RabbitRacer) from Braintree, MA, with ESP  
392520AE GTI spotted in MA  
3985Kenny Wigfall (Sicivicassasin91) from Boston, MA, with ESP  (image)  
Registered Cars : 75

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