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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 89
0004Alex Bruns from Baltimore, MD, with ESP  
0022Ben MacDonald from Severn, MD  
003120AE GTI spotted in MD  
0079Kyle (20thkyleswan) from Crofton, MD  (image)  
0084Rob Oliphant (OettingerJetta) from Havre de Grace, MD  (image)  
0109Brent Anderson (GTI0109) from Hanover/Baltimore, MD  
011220AE GTI spotted in MD  
0125Matt Canada (mcanad1) from Baltimore, MD  
0179Robert Dill (wwevo9) from Abingdon, MD, with ESP  
024420AE GTI spotted in MD  
0249Tommy from Waldorf, MD  
0384Jason Lowe from Saskatoon (SK, CAN), MD  
046720AE GTI spotted in MD  
0602Wren Doran from MD  
074620AE GTI spotted in MD  
0968Tony Sosa (tractorsosa) from Riverdale, MD  
0972Ken Burch (Shane) from Woodbine, MD, with ESP  
0979JP Sykes from MD  (image)  
098620AE GTI spotted in Stevensville, MD  
0990Ryan Zemel (RZemel1) from 21117, MD  
1005Peter Williams from MD  
1009James (20thaegti1009) from Frederick, MD, with ESP  
1010Steve (wildcar) from MD, with ESP  
1140Scott (colnago) from Columbia, MD  
1191Rob Bustos from Germantown, MD  
1196Dominique Penvose from Hagerstown, MD  
126620AE GTI spotted in MD  
1281Kerry (SupaDub) from Frederick, MD  
1323Mark from Silver Spring, MD, with ESP  (image)  
1438Supa Dave ( from Baltimore, MD  
1523Jack (Neurojak) from MD  
1526Angela from Hughesville, MD  (image)  
1532Jennifer Barrett (Xena03) from Bethesda, MD, with ESP  
1556Jonathan (Wasp) from MD  
1562Breton Grant (joeshmoe8) from Annapolis, MD  
157120AE GTI written off, from Washington DC, MD  (image)  (deceased)
1610Jeremy Morton (j.morton) from Westernport, MD, with ESP  (image)  
1651Douglas Conner (orangea2vr6) from MD  
1815Bruce Jacob Barrett (1815) from Pasadena, MD  (image)  
1820Priya Thangaraj from Takoma Park, MD  
1824Jordon Young from Baltimore, MD, with ESP  
1829Mike Hateful from MD  
183020AE GTI spotted in MD  
1858Derek (D-Ride) from Baltimore, MD  
1868Chris Nicolo from Millersville, MD, with ESP  
1891Omar from MD  (image)  
190620AE GTI spotted in MD  
199520AE GTI spotted in MD  
2096Jake (Jake) from Perry Hall, MD  
2203Richard (brokenshire) from Ellicott City, MD  
2220Matthew Chism (Blckrbt) from MD  
2393Vaughn Ireland from MD  
2396Clinton Moore (MrClint1982 (Aol IM)) from Baltimore, MD  
2407Phill Wisniewski from Manchester, MD  
2449Marc Boucheron (dcdub#2449) from Washington DC, MD  
2484Gus Federle (GusFed) from MD  
2501Bernard from MD, with ESP  
2533Sammy Mullinix from Baltimore, MD, with ESP  
255620AE GTI spotted in MD  
2563Brian Cullen (ChicaGTI) from MD  
2570Daniel Perkins (AE BLUE GTI) from Keedysville, MD, with ESP  
2577Michael from Rockville, MD, with ESP  
2631Joe P from Baltimore, MD  
264120AE GTI spotted in Brandywine, MD  
2646Chris Kreppel (Krep) from Ocean City, MD  (image)  
2656Dave Kosiorek (PhatGTi#2656) from Towson, MD, with ESP  
266620AE GTI spotted in Brandywine, MD  
266720AE GTI spotted in MD  
2683Mike from E-Ridge, MD  
2842Johnny Carr (yucky charmz) from Elkton, MD  
3054Carson Amiot from Baltimore, MD  
3082Josh Winn (scvr6) from MD  
3093Toni from Mostar Bosna Hercegovina, MD  
3136Mike from Rockville, MD  (image)  
3164Paul Havighurst from Hampstead, MD  (image)  
3167Isaac Leblanc (isaacgti1992) from Hollywood, MD  (image)  
3230Matt Lautar (GTIYIYI) from Baltimore, MD, with ESP  
3246Toan Tran from Germantown, MD, with ESP  
3373Jordan Laycook (j.j.lay) from Anne Arundel County, MD, with ESP  
3386Blue S2 from MD, with ESP  
3527Jeremy Schur (Switch42) from Baltimore, MD  
3573Tim Tucker (Roadkill) from MD, with ESP  
3605Roland Lo (roland5) from MD  
3684Max Duncan (MadMaxMan) from Chester, MD  
3696Brian Weiner from Westminster, MD, with ESP  (image)  
3731Frank Padula from Woodbridge (ON, CAN), MD  (deceased)
3776Tim Gargiulo (TrimOtaku) from MD  
3903Fadi (fadi.e46.mk4) from Towson, MD, with ESP  
3977Aaron Mollock (vtecwrecker) from Glen Burnie, MD  
Registered Cars : 89

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