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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 29
0029Malachai Carvell from St.Joseph, MO  
0044Dave from Kansas City, MO, with ESP  
0130Michael (meatfoxxx) from Kansas City, MO  
065420AE GTI spotted in St. Louis, MO  (image)  
0814Chris Seaman (cseaman) from Kansas City, MO, with ESP  (image)  
1103Chris Seaman from Kansas City, MO, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
127820AE GTI spotted in MO  
1300Ben Jockers (1300 BMP) from St. Louis, MO, with ESP  
1371Nicholas Davis from Blue Springs, MO, with ESP  
1507Timothy Therrien (yoked up) from Saint Charles, MO, with ESP  
1793John (ch3rrytw1st) from MO  (image)  
1812Brandon Lamprecht from House Springs, MO  (deceased)
203020AE GTI spotted in MO  
2281Israel from Joplin, MO  
2405Mike (vweurotech) from Springfiled, MO  
2760Dan McCullough (schwarzHase) from St. Louis, MO, with ESP  (image)  
2799Shannon Lasiter (hucklebuck) from Springfield, MO  
2828Matthew Baum (evilpoptart) from Kansas City, MO  (image)  
2836Devra Cain from Canton, MO  
283920AE GTI spotted in Arnold, MO  (image)  
2940Chris from Kansas City, MO  
3030Igor Katic (igorkatic) from Chesterfield, MO, with ESP  
3047Adnan Kaniza from St.Louis, MO  
3292Adam Price from St. Louis, MO, with ESP  
3455Shawn Blanc from Kansas City, MO  
3474Sasa Markovic from St.Louis, MO, with ESP  
348120AE GTI spotted in MO  
3658Josh Loehr (psionix) from Saint Louis, MO, with ESP  
3876Kyle Lober from St. Louis, MO  
Registered Cars : 29

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