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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 49
0241Jason Byers (jv8r) from Lexington, NC  
0306juju from Greensboro, NC, with ESP  
030720AE GTI spotted in NC  (image)  
0386Ryan Todd (25mm) from Cashiers, NC  
0486Galindo from NC  
055620AE GTI written off, from Charleston, NC  (image)  (deceased)
0643James Correa from Cameron, NC, with ESP  
067820AE GTI spotted in NC  
0724Zach from Jacksonville, NC  
0835Jessica Knight from Raleigh, NC  
1047Mark Villareal (therealvilla) from Greensboro, NC, with ESP  
1255Dan Hudak from NC, with ESP  
139720AE GTI spotted in NC  
1410Tony from NC  (image)  (deceased)
1456Jeremy Russell from Kernersville, NC  
148620AE GTI spotted in Charlotte, NC  
1703Servando Guerrero from Zebulon, NC, with ESP  
1739Dean Pittman from Greensboro, NC  
175720AE GTI spotted in NC  
1772Matt from Winston Salem, NC  (image)  
1875Sam DeMay from Charlotte, NC, with ESP  
190020AE GTI spotted in NC  
2049Zoran Pilipovic (Zoka 21) from Charlotte, NC, with ESP  
2051David Jones from Wilson, NC  
2143Leroy H. LeggsIII (usmc4me) from Jacksonville, NC, with ESP  
2465Cameron Purser from Rocky Point, NC, with ESP  
250320AE GTI spotted in NC  
251720AE GTI spotted in NC  
2581Roger (imola20ae) from NC  (image)  
2603Sean (scanton35) from Spring Lake, NC  
2636Jason (Beowulf_82x) from Hendersonville, NC  (image)  
2658Marcus Cecconi (boxsata) from Durham, NC  
2782Ray Ruiz from NC  
2872Dylan Trask from Kernersville, NC  
2892Matthew Harvey (harv2892) from Charlotte, NC  (image)  
2900Bradley R Goch from Cherry Point, NC  
2956Dave from Stallings, NC, with ESP  
300920AE GTI spotted in NC  
3182Matthew Duenskie (mattfrankly) from Jacksonville, NC, with ESP  (image)  
330920AE GTI spotted in NC  
3317Daniel Mills from Charlotte, NC  
3436Justin from Winston-Salem, NC, with ESP  (image)  
3458Juan from NC  
3552Ben Steger from Charlotte, NC  
3565Victoria Gardner from Fayetteville, NC, with ESP  
3599Ron (87vr6) from Havelock, NC, with ESP  (image)  
3659Chris from NC, with ESP  (image)  
382520AE GTI spotted in NC  
3924Dylan Carney (Cown3d) from Durham, NC, with ESP  
Registered Cars : 49

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