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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 20
0410Jayson from NH  
1115Bryan (MYRABIT) from Dover, NH  
1313Jimmy Orourke from Concord, NH, with ESP  
162320AE GTI spotted in NH  
171820AE GTI spotted in NH  
1905Jason Mansfield from Portsmouth, NH  
193620AE GTI spotted in NH  
2078Rob Johnson from Gilford, NH  
2620Ken Rahne from NH  
2642Travis Brown from Sharon, NH  
2852Jeff Owen from East Kingston, NH, with ESP  
3123Alar Ruutopold (Janku) from Hancock, NH  
3172Ethan from Dover, NH  
3233Dave George (Georgy420) from Bedford, NH, with ESP  (image)  
3406Bryce Brook (Sprucemk4) from Nashua, NH, with ESP  
3607Jared from Dover, NH, with ESP  
3741Mike Lantaigne (TRedVR6) from Hampton, NH, with ESP  
375720AE GTI spotted in NH  
385020AE GTI spotted in NH  
3912Brendon MacMahon from Kingston, NH  
Registered Cars : 20

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