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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 95
0016John Raby (Jraby07) from Dayton, OH, with ESP  
0066Thomas Darnall (N1ghthawk) from Cincinnati, OH  
0097Michael Brady from Mentor, OH, with ESP  
0129Klaus Hunger (gti20ae129) from Perrysburg, OH  
0197Michael M. Buczek (blackmagicgti) from Cuyahoga Heights, OH  
0208Jason Zatrock (Jman5000) from Columbus, OH  (image)  
0293Anthony (FLAWLESS) from Willoughby, OH  (image)  
0309Nick B (For Sale) from OH, with ESP  
0339Chris Dunbar (cdstiwrx) from Toledo, OH  
039520AE GTI spotted in OH  
0431Kyle Strader (KyleStrader20thAE) from Dayton, OH, with ESP  
0510Ernesto Ripa (corallini081) from Independence, OH  (image)  
0531Justin Green from Perry, OH, with ESP  (image)  
0616Christopher Hamrick from Pickerington, OH  
0791Jason C Green Jr (mk420thgti) from Mentor On The Lake, OH, with ESP  (image)  
0800Philip Biscan (Flexia) from North Canton, OH  
0804James Fornash (GTITRBO) from Pickerington, OH  
0833Lindsay Rice from Columbus, OH  
084920AE GTI spotted in Dayton, OH  
0884Dave from Navarre, OH  
0911Mark A. Zanoni (20AE #0911) from Cincinnati, OH, with ESP  
0963Dave Coleman from OH  
1166Brent (v8 killer) from Leavittsburg, OH, with ESP  
1182Tony (jerky04) from Canton, OH, with ESP  (image)  
1209Kevin Love (klove614) from Columbus, OH, with ESP  (image)  
1257Josh from Akron, OH  
127420AE GTI spotted in OH  
1308Alex Profitt (@profitt_rides) from Cincinnati, OH  
1325Tom Barrett from Columbus, OH, with ESP  
136120AE GTI spotted in OH  
139120AE GTI spotted in OH  
1445Nick (NPE GTi) from Columbus, OH, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
148520AE GTI spotted in OH  
1599Mike Reed (4speed) from Westlake, OH, with ESP  
1641Rob (Chopper) from Cincinnati, OH  
1681D. Kyle Marsh from Cincinnati, OH  
168220AE GTI spotted in OH  
1743Jason Ronnebaum from Cincinnati, OH  
1804Rahul Tuteja (Rowdy GTI) from Westlake, OH  (image)  
1822Morgan Spence from Lakewood, OH, with ESP  
1927Matthew Mazey (mmazey) from Canton, OH, with ESP  (image)  
1935Rob Rogers (3rob3) from Medina, OH, with ESP  
2024Joey M (ig: @whereiswaldo7) from Brown County, OH  (image)  
2117Joe from Columbus, OH  
2157Jeffrey Lape (zardeth) from Harrison, OH  
2352Matt Hazard from Medina, OH  
238620AE GTI spotted in OH  
2394Lyle James from Cincinnati, OH, with ESP  (image)  
2419Justin Green from Perry, OH, with ESP  
2420Scott from OH  (image)  
2436Kevin (allmotor6) from Cleveland, OH  (image)  
244320AE GTI spotted in OH  
2444Brian Jones (Red October) from OH  
244620AE GTI spotted in OH  
2462Ally Bavaro from Cincinnati, OH, with ESP  
2488William Komer (Woko) from Stow, OH  (image)  
2548Mitchell Cunningham (GTIhunter) from Akron, OH  
2575Andrew Hutt (A-bugg) from Springdale, OH  
2580Connor H. from Pickerington, OH  (image)  (deceased)
2650David Stevens (none) from Circleville, OH  
2653Jon Walas from Hinckley, OH  (image)  (deceased)
2834James C from Summit Co, OH  (image)  
2877Patrick McCue (dubtographer) from Cincinnati, OH, with ESP  (image)  
2976Kayla Looney from Lima, OH  
3020Maria from Mentor, OH  
3021Yuri (bluejetta95) from Akron, OH  (image)  (deceased)
3022Scott from Cleveland, OH  
3035Aaron (G98b16) from Columbus, OH  
3041Brian Anderson (J0hnnybmx) from Sebring, OH  (image)  
3058216illin from Cleveland, OH  
3067Crista from Columbus, OH  
3109John (JMM) from Columbus, OH  (image)  (deceased)
3138Michael Skinner from Thornville, OH, with ESP  
3216Jeremy Gordley (20ægti) from Fayetteville, OH, with ESP  
3222Joseph Bottiggi from Cuyahoga Falls, OH, with ESP  
3225Chris (Squinch) from Cincinnati, OH, with ESP  
3338Demaree Parsons (parsons614) from Columbus, OH, with ESP  
3343Tim Loach from OH, with ESP  
3347MDog from Columbus, OH, with ESP  
3419Dane Cvjeticanin from Parma, OH, with ESP  
3422Robert Child (Wild Child) from Perrysburg, OH  
3424Dejan Markov (boost high gti) from Medina, OH  (image)  
3431Stephen Pitman (simons defeat) from Cincinnati, OH, with ESP  
3439Germantown Auto Sales from Germantown, OH, with ESP  (image)  
353720AE GTI spotted in OH  
3547Ben Liles (Ugti06) from Springboro, OH, with ESP  
3549Ryan (reflexgolf) from Canton, OH, with ESP  
3553Tim Carmichael (tritectim) from Akron, OH, with ESP  
3600Philip Anderson from Marysville, OH, with ESP  (image)  
3609David West (redlinegti) from Elyria, OH, with ESP  
3654Nick Aratari from Youngstown, OH, with ESP  
369220AE GTI spotted in OH  
3767Mario Takeyama (Mario_Take) from Columbus, OH, with ESP  
384620AE GTI spotted in OH  
4000Chase (4k20th) from Toledo, OH, with ESP  (image)  
Registered Cars : 95

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