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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 242
0019Daniel Conner (Upperguy) from Morrisville, PA  
0027Zachary Frank (b5audi98) from Carlisle, PA  (image)  
0028Jonathan (rabbit_28) from Philadelphia, PA  (image)  
0033Kristen Hames (337grl34c) from North Wales, PA  
0043Alex Riotto (alexr44) from PA  
0055Brian from Allentown, PA  
0078Nick Corper from Ambler, PA  (image)  
0083Wyatt Dorschutz (Insta- vaalbara) from Coplay, PA, with ESP  (image)  
0088Justin Elliott from Ridley Park, PA, with ESP  
0091Andreas (Tiger) from Pittsburgh, PA  
009920AE GTI spotted in Philadelphia, PA  (image)  
0107Marissa Deabler (Got Dibbs) from Bechtelsville, PA, with ESP  (image)  
0126Gary Muhlberger (gfunkvw) from Philly, PA  
0146Jesse Quinlan (stomp.13) from Doylestown, PA  
0152Shawn (YeyeDrive) from PA  
0162Eric from Drexel Hill, PA, with ESP  (image)  
022220AE GTI spotted in PA  
0264Dan from Palmyra, PA  
0285Cole Martin from Lancaster, PA, with ESP  
0337Billy from PA  
0343Joshua Simpson from Pittsburgh, PA  
0346Neil Logrando from Yardley, PA  
034720AE GTI spotted in PA  
035320AE GTI spotted in PA  
0366Adam Freemer (AdamF) from Philadelphia, PA  (image)  
0372Micah Hartman from Mount Pleasant Mills, PA  
0393Wm Bartholomew (18L20AEgti) from Harleysville, PA, with ESP  
039720AE GTI spotted in Newtown, PA  
0425Brandon Newsome from Scranton, PA  
0427Steven Wagner from Shrewsbury, PA  
0428Peter deMos (20AE428) from Bracebridge (ON, CAN), PA  
0429JD Kreamer (jdawg6819) from Stevens, PA  
0449Greg Miller (96gti8v) from Allentown, PA  
0458Joe Lance from Doylestown, PA  
0460Mike from Philadelphia, PA  
049520AE GTI spotted in PA  
0513Don and Jenn from Schuylkill County, PA  (image)  
0517JD from PA  
0521Tyler Ferree (foxracing01) from York, PA, with ESP  
0527Chris (dappy) from Reading, PA, with ESP  
0535Nune from Philly, PA  
0549Jacob Klinefelter from Lancaster, PA  
0580Philadelphia Steve (the king) from Phila, PA, with ESP  
0586Eric (STATIC PSI) from Lancaster, PA, with ESP  
0587Corey Wilson from Shickshinny, PA  (deceased)
0590damon (da23) from pittsburgh, PA  
0591Mat Cajka from Butler, PA, with ESP  
0592Christian Kinkela (vdub20turbo) from Pittsburgh, PA  (image)  
0600Anthony Mahouski Jr. (ajmpittsburgh) from Pittsburgh, PA  
060620AE GTI spotted in PA  
0614C.L. Fabian from Pittsburgh, PA  
0617Joe Valasek (sciroccojoe) from Pittsburgh, PA  
0619Matt Kleck (Kleckers69) from Erie, PA  (image)  
0621Jim Ivory from White Oak, PA  (image)  
0624Bill Slowik from Pittsburgh, PA  
0626Steve Valasek (steve pickle) from Natrona Hts, PA, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
0627Doug Jones (riceaintnice2.0) from New Kensington, PA  
0635Alexander Chu (Imola Yellow GTi) from Media, PA  
0644Brandon Beck (20th_GTI_0644) from Lancaster, PA  
0645Trey Chilcoat from York, PA  
0646Colin Quinn from York, PA  (deceased)
0647Bryce Potter (vw2nut4) from York, PA, with ESP  (image)  
0648Mike Becker from PA, with ESP  
0649Matt Gray (grayman) from Altoona, PA  
066020AE GTI spotted in PA  
0680Joey from PA  
0693Mathew Plank from Philadephia, PA  (image)  
0697Zach M. (zurr) from York, PA  
078420AE GTI spotted in PA  
0807Jesse Shaffer from Uniontown, PA, with ESP  
0852Todd Falloon (Todd) from Lake Ariel, PA, with ESP  
0886Brian Hutzel (Silence1sDefning) from Mt. Bethel, PA, with ESP  (image)  
0909Jeremy (bizybyker) from Pittsburgh, PA, with ESP  (image)  
0926Maria (boostedria) from Blue Bell, PA  
0927Robert Sumner from York, PA  (image)  
0966Mike Wymard (MWymard) from Pittsburgh, PA  (image)  
0967Robert Buczek (Mellow Yellow) from Bethlehem, PA  
0975Jake (duck851) from Bethlehem, PA  
0976Jose (zed933) from Philadelphia, PA  
0977Rachael S. from Nazareth, PA, with ESP  
0984Becky Himmelberger from Palmyra, PA  
0985Richard Borucki from Wind Gap, PA  
0991Shawn Richendrfer (Rickenfricker) from Catawissa, PA  (image)  
099520AE GTI spotted in PA  
1014Michael Breslin from Southampton, PA  (image)  
1024Helder from Philly, PA  (image)  (deceased)
1063Tom (tomvw95) from Greensburg, PA  
1078Matt (gti1078) from Media, PA  (deceased)
1096Matthew Petershmidt ( from York, PA, with ESP  
1098Matthew Kelly (vwjunkie9836) from Bangor, PA  (image)  
1104Brandon (inhalethevile) from Philadelphia, PA  
1112Shane Hoffman from Emmaus, PA  
114220AE GTI spotted in PA  
1145Justin from Harrisburg, PA, with ESP  
1146James Pavlik (gtiguypa) from Allentown, PA  
1151J. Jenkins (vwmotorman) from PA, with ESP  
1153Chris Cruz from Philadelphia, PA  
1184Ira from Lancaster, PA, with ESP  
119720AE GTI spotted in PA  
120820AE GTI spotted in PA  
1210Andrew Ciardi from Scranton, PA  
1216Ryan Widenor (mrshakezilla66) from Scranton, PA  
1217Anita and Jeff Daise from Reading, PA  
1232Joe (josepi) from Pittsburgh, PA, with ESP  
1234Paul Baffuto from Denver, PA  
1256Marissa Deabler from Bechtelsville, PA, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
1259Danny Barone from Gouldsboro, PA  
1262Seth Stickell from PA  
1263Keith Fry from Pen Argyl, PA, with ESP  
1270Jay (Sanders) from Philadelphia, PA  (image)  
1280Brian Watkins from PA, with ESP  
1330Jen (pinkmoongti) from Phila, PA, with ESP  
1390Steve Harmata from PA  
1425Azo from Carlisle, PA  
1435Nico Perez (Nperez) from Mount Pocono, PA  
1478Kris Kelly from PA  
1479LaCole from PA, with ESP  (image)  
1516Robert (Bosco) from Bethlehem, PA  
1519Travis from Emmaus, PA, with ESP  
1544Lonnie Mast (snowshredder) from Myerstown, PA  
1579Lee Kanouff (pa1.8t_iv) from Doylestown, PA  
158320AE GTI spotted in Harborcreek, PA  (image)  
1586Alex Marsicano from Poconos, PA  
1590Robert Nutt from PA  
1595AJ Richards (AJ) from Forest City, PA  
1598Brandon Emery from Milford, PA  
1603Tom Spallone (tomvw95) from Jeannette, PA  
1615Lara (IzzyMyGTI) from Bethlehem, PA  
1622Jimmy from PA  
1637Chris Amico (drummerguy4202) from Lancaster, PA  
164020AE GTI spotted in PA  
1644Matthew Riether from Pittsburgh, PA  
1748Nick Phillips (NickyP8063) from Pottsville, PA  
1759Tj from Pittsburgh, PA  (image)  
1791Kip Vaughn from New Hope, PA  
1794Troy Stanton (Str8Floatin) from Floreffe, PA  
181020AE GTI spotted in PA  
1839Igor Skinder from Lancaster, PA  
1842Denny (Papman) from Denver, PA, with ESP  
1857Scout Fejes from PA, with ESP  
1880Andrew from Hamburg, PA  
1883Jason Mcgarry (jasonmcgarry1144) from York, PA, with ESP  (image)  
1899Jacey (Kidfromthe814) from Pittsburgh, PA  
1908Bob Orr (jdub92) from Chester County, PA  (image)  (deceased)
1931Jason Kohr from PA  
1934Valerie from Langhorne, PA, with ESP  
1950Wes Weisser from West Chester, PA  
1986Ashley G from Manheim, PA  
2097Brian Colsher (Veedub021) from Doylestown, PA  
2101Bryan Seidel from Lehigh Valley, PA  
2110James from PA  
212620AE GTI spotted in PA  
2131Justin Feinstein from Hanover, PA  (image)  
213520AE GTI spotted in PA  
2136Holly Ann Weitzel from Douglassville, PA  
2138Brandon Cenchitz (brandon_cence) from Northampton, PA  
2139Joel D. from Taylor, PA  
2173Connor Jackson from Mechanicsburg, PA  
2178Mike Wirth (turbogti6686) from PA  (image)  
2188Abraham F. Brown, Jr. (DieselDub82) from Harrisburg, PA  (image)  
2190Chad Stoner (GTIcrazy2315) from Newtown, PA  (image)  
221120AE GTI spotted in PA  
2242Kohl's German Auto from Myerstown, PA  (deceased)
2359Matt SanGiorgio (matt89) from PA  
2372Connor from PA, with ESP  
2373Alex Ace (Ace_VR6) from Stroudsburg, PA  
2381Ryan (JB20th) from Reading, PA, with ESP  
2391Joel Siegrist from Columbia, PA  
2456Donald Snyder from Wyomissing, PA  
2478Nick Gilbert (GilGilWhatsTheDil) from Hunlock Creek, PA  
249820AE GTI spotted in PA  
2515Steve (DuckyGTI) from PA  
2528Emily (VwVixn98) from York, PA, with ESP  
2534Chris from New Cumberland, PA  
2565John Young (greek bandit) from Springfield, PA  (image)  
2598Kyle J. Heidlebaugh from York, PA, with ESP  
2602Matt Malinish (mk2dubbin16v) from PA  
2630Ian Scherer (Avatar_2630) from Slatington, PA  (image)  
2640Michael DeLaFuente from Richboro, PA  
2652Zachary Reedy (imReedy) from Lebanon, PA  
2671Mark Hlavinka (S4Goose) from Macungie, PA  
267820AE GTI written off, from Allentown, PA  (deceased)
2688Mike Creighton from Doylestown, PA  
2697Brandon (Jam_Handz) from PA  
2720Matthew (foxhound720) from Bushkill, PA, with ESP  
2749Terrell Smith from Lansdale, PA, with ESP  
2810Michael Fiugalski from PA  
2814Ross (rmeitz167) from PA, with ESP  
283120AE GTI spotted in Bensalem, PA  (image)  
2841Kevin D (2fast4u) from Pen Argyl, PA  
2854Devin from Pittsburgh, PA  (image)  
2930Sean (FNAL) from Media, PA  
2943Ali Holmes (Chupecabra) from Perkasie, PA  
2971Frank (H.) from Montoursville, PA  
2975Angie (TwentAE) from Hershey, PA  
3000Jorge (sapper32) from Philadelphia, PA  (image)  
3006Darren Waldron (Sly) from Philadelphia, PA, with ESP  (image)  
3007Ryan from Pottsville, PA  
3010Meghan (sexyvwdiva) from Boyertown, PA, with ESP  
303720AE GTI spotted in PA  
3042Dave Alvaro (AvocadoVR6) from Warrington, PA  
3061Colin Viney from PA  (image)  
3084Jared from PA  (image)  (deceased)
3105Chris M (Vdub 2.slow) from Jamison, PA  
3106Scott Aldred from Stevens, PA  
3110Laz Sid (lazrs) from 19082, PA  
3111Jay Talerico from Philly, PA  
3114Brian Miller (20th_Millertime) from Allentown, PA  
3124Dan (20thturbogtiguy03) from Hatboro, PA, with ESP  
3147Brian Wilson from Philadelphia, PA  
3151Julian Perrin (DARKHARE) from Philadelphia, PA  
318420AE GTI spotted in Hanover, PA  
3190Scott Grable (rabbitgti&20th) from Warminster, PA, with ESP  
3253Justin Mohr (VW_GTI_AE) from California, PA, with ESP  
325620AE GTI spotted in PA  
325920AE GTI spotted in PA  
327020AE GTI spotted in East Petersburg, PA  
3276Leo from Philadelphia, PA  
3286Jarrad from Connellsville, PA, with ESP  
3287Mike Sitler (GinsterVRsixx) from Palmyra, PA, with ESP  
3312Taylor from PA, with ESP  
3365Keith Smith from Lemoyne, PA, with ESP  
3518Jason Morris (busted20v) from Reading, PA  
3550Jake from Middleburg, PA  
3639JP from Pittsburgh, PA  
3660Mike DeGuida (JazBlu3660) from Jamison, PA  (image)  
3668Tyler Witman (Tyster) from Lancaster, PA  (image)  
3672adam (jb20th) from oreland, PA, with ESP  (image)  
3695Frank (die wizard) from PA, with ESP  
3701Joel (Mk4gli) from Bangor, PA  
3729Brian Zinn (BZin20AE) from Hanover, PA  (image)  
3758Carroll Township Police Department from Dillsburg, PA  
3771Dan from PA  (image)  
3777Yuriy Shumylo from Philadelphia, PA, with ESP  
3779Tyler Bradley from PA  
3860Ryan Solimeo (rsolimeo) from Philly, PA  
3887Ricky Kroft from York, PA, with ESP  
3904David from Columbia, PA  
3918Matt from York, PA  
3932Brandon Naus (Naus50) from Schuylkill Haven, PA, with ESP  
3980Michael Tauber (Timmy) from Whitehall, PA  
3983Dan Good (94-8v jetta) from Doylestown, PA  
Registered Cars : 242

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