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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 17
013820AE GTI spotted in RI  
0695Sean Bowden from Narragansett, RI, with ESP  
1585Tyler (ShastyMcJasty) from RI  
159620AE GTI spotted in RI  (image)  
1851Scott Johnson (Scottiemk4) from East Providence, RI  
1924Raymond Sostre from RI  
2551Joey Syntax (sk8ordie) (My 2nd IYAE) from SOCO, RI  
258720AE GTI spotted in RI  
269120AE GTI spotted in RI  
2983Anthony (tbaeastcoast) from RI  
2986Chris (V ScruB) from RI  
3196Colin B. Foote (Hellcat82) from Charletown, RI, with ESP  
3227Jeff from Woonsocket, RI, with ESP  (image)  
3456Adam Blevins (@yvng_trxgedy) from Warwick, RI  
3612Brian Kapp from RI, with ESP  
3636Rob from RI  
3778Max R (8vdualrounds) from Wakefield, RI, with ESP  
Registered Cars : 17

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