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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 25
0297brvhrt14 from Greenville, SC, with ESP  
0364Jason Magers from Columbia, SC  
0367Paul (Speedster) from Sumter, SC  
0546Tommy Wolff from Summerville, SC  
0781Ken Imm from Simpsonville, SC  
1107Luke from Greenville, SC  (image)  (deceased)
1265Connor Maurer from SC  
136820AE GTI spotted in SC  
1473Paul Sweehey (29579) from Myrtle Beach, SC  (image)  
1688Brian (tazUSC) from Columbia, SC  (image)  
1716Geo from SC  
2031Michael Strobel from Greenville, SC  
2304Nicholas from Greenville, SC  
231020AE GTI spotted in Columbia, SC  
2392Jonathan from Beaufort, SC  
2401Jesse K. Ziegler (highrollinjz) from Charleston, SC  
2508Nathan Stone (nathanastone) from Johnsonville, SC, with ESP  
2512Aris (Technous) from Charleston, SC  (image)  
2567Chris Dimitriadis (cd183) from Florence, SC, with ESP  (image)  
2672Dylan Vance (EurownedSC) from Greenville, SC  (image)  
2753Randy Poston (elcid93) from St. Stephen, SC  
2974Sukhdeep Bhatti from Charleston, SC, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
3426Joseph Garner (20thGTI) from Lockhart, SC, with ESP  
3789Jacob (JMM Rx 20th) from Charleston, SC, with ESP  
384320AE GTI spotted in SC  
Registered Cars : 25

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