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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 22
0039Jim from TN, with ESP  
0134Nathan Crenshaw (@NathanEatsSoup) from Clarksville, TN  (image)  (deceased)
0135R. Ryan George (Dull Cactus) from Chattanooga, TN  
0369Aaron Matheson (yellow20ae) from Lewisburg, TN  (image)  
0446Patrick Findley from Memphis, TN, with ESP  
0744Matt (matt15) from Knoxville, TN  
103120AE GTI spotted in TN  
1358Clay from Memphis, TN  
1384Justin Sells (volks501) from Mt. Juliet, TN  (image)  
147720AE GTI spotted in TN  
1515James (Jubilee1515) from Nashville, TN, with ESP  
2151Tucker from Memphis, TN  
2177Andrew Simmons (artspeed) from Cleveland, TN, with ESP  
231920AE GTI spotted in TN  
2360Adam Goff (adgoff21) from Sparta, TN, with ESP  (image)  
2424David Kidwell from Hixson, TN  (image)  
2763Brayden Henry from Dunlap, TN  
2815Jason (Jbsgti) from Knoxville, TN  
2921Adam from TN  
3040Nicki from Reliance, TN, with ESP  
3269Dylan Turner (_dylan.turner_) from Knoxville, TN, with ESP  
3420Gavin (gavnasty) from Kingsport, TN  (image)  
Registered Cars : 22

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