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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 155
008520AE GTI spotted in TX  
010620AE GTI spotted in TX  
0123Nick Ratliff (Junk yard dog) from Belton, TX  
0136Jordan Noe (Dubbin-Medic) from Austin, TX, with ESP  
0144Justin (KoolAidKid) from Abilene, TX  
0163Shawn Watson from Gatesville, TX, with ESP  (image)  
0169Edward E. from Dallas, TX  
017320AE GTI spotted in TX  
0181Maria De Jesus Acosta (marquez) from El Paso, TX, with ESP  
0201Jesse Shanks (SiMuL) from Houston, TX  (image)  
0237Reagan Terrell (reagan0237) from League City, TX  
0243Keith (xRevolutioNx) from Arlington, TX  
0245Franco Martin (Ruelli Vismara) from TX  
0317Travis Rimel (tarzool) from Houston, TX  (image)  
0322Robert Isett (Billy-Bob) from College Station, TX  (image)  
0336Jordan Lawhon (golfgirl2704) from Arlington, TX  
0392Elizabeth Truax from San Antonio, TX  
0403Chris Garcia (Chris IY) from Lewisville, TX  
0408Edgar Molina from El Paso, TX, with ESP  
048120AE GTI parted out, from Arlington, TX  (deceased)
0483Candelario Moreno from Crane, TX  
0499Nate (racer714) from Spring, TX, with ESP  (image)  
0520Lori Arent (lbarent) from Frisco, TX  
0657Stuart Gardner (3Dachs) from Fort Worth, TX  
0703Erik (Shull) from Houston, TX  
0704Zak Galla from Houston, TX  
071220AE GTI spotted in Houston, TX  (image)  
0715Levi from Austin, TX  
0733Bryan Stewart from Bedford, TX  (image)  
073920AE GTI spotted in Houston, TX  
0751William (BluBunny) from Carrollton, TX  
0768Luevano (Daniel) from Houston, TX  (image)  
076920AE GTI spotted in TX  
0790Kevin Thompson (kdub790) from DFW, TX  (image)  
0796Paul G (blackened302) from McAllen, TX  (image)  
0808Andy from El Paso, TX, with ESP  
0809Brandon (itsberie) from Dallas, TX, with ESP  (image)  
0839Chris De La Rosa from Houston, TX  
0862Zerin Dube (zerind) from TX  (image)  
0898Isaac Salazar (iZK) from Fort Worth, TX  
0905Tim L (Pretarion) from The Colony, TX, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
0929Mario from Ft Worth, TX, with ESP  
095520AE GTI spotted in TX  
0962Michael Porter from Burleson, TX  
0964Andy from Austin, TX, with ESP  (image)  
099420AE GTI spotted in TX  
099620AE GTI spotted in Houston, TX  (image)  
1000Leo (leosoccer6) from Brownsville, TX, with ESP  
100320AE GTI spotted in TX  
1037Tom from Missouri City, TX  
1040Bill Bowers from TX, with ESP  
1042Dale Witt (zenderrocco) from San Antonio, TX  
1079Basel Awad (WeeZelgti1079) from Houston, TX  
1081Aaron Moe from San Antonio, TX  (image)  
1085Scott Chapman (kwikshift6) from San Antonio, TX  
109020AE GTI spotted in TX  
1114Ryan Knight (_loafers) from Denton, TX  (image)  
1128Jp Walford (gtijapes1128) from San Antonio, TX  
112920AE GTI spotted in TX  
1240Craig A Wilson from Dallas, TX  
1244Jared Hutchins (b5.5turbo) from Plano, TX  
1261John Garcia (Eskimojoe) from Austin, TX  
134420AE GTI spotted in TX  
1379Abraham Castro (_ham) from El Paso, TX  
1440WP (20th AE BMP) from Dallas, TX  
145320AE GTI spotted in TX  
1490Robert (Bubbs) from Dallas, TX  
149220AE GTI spotted in TX  
1497Justin Parde from The Colony, TX  (image)  
1511Jerry Watson (Bomber) from New Braunfels, TX  
1512Raul Duran (Duran55Km) from Fort Worth, TX  
1514Isaac Marquez (Ikon65) from Dallas, TX  
1616Russell from Granbury, TX  
1683Blair Miller (Marleycat) from Austin, TX  
1752Robert Roland (RABBIT) from Dallas, TX  
177420AE GTI spotted in Lubbock, TX  (image)  
1776Anthony Palmer (#1776) from Houston, TX, with ESP  
1784Blake Littlejohn from Mansfield, TX  
1798Anthony (tonyjoe24) from Waco, TX  (image)  
1803Danny from TX  
1838Will Zelenka (VOLTZWGN) from Houston, TX  
1848Rafae C (rafacbcr) from San Jose, Costa Rica, TX  
1852Marco Ruelas from TX  (image)  
1912Felipe from TX  
1946Ben from TX  
2007Kelly (Kerm) from Dallas, TX  
2010Margaret from Dallas, TX  
2025Manuel Jimenez (MANUEL) from Grand Prarie, TX  
2073Meghan Railton (*megs*) from New Westminster (BC, CAN), TX, with ESP  (deceased)
2200Alan Harmon from Dallas, TX, with ESP  
2206Derek Perepelitza from Edmonton (AB, CAN), TX  (image)  
2231Oscar Villa (@lex20th) from El Paso, TX, with ESP  
2245Rogelio from Dallas, TX  
233620AE GTI spotted in TX  
234220AE GTI spotted in TX  
2350Zach (zimp) from Tyler, TX  
2354Johnnie Hernandez (GIJOHN) from San Antonio, TX  
2358Mark (nextiger) from Houston, TX, with ESP  
2363Tony from San Marcos, TX  
2364DeeJott from Houston, TX  
2404Laura (sassy mom) from Allen, TX, with ESP  (image)  
2425Sean Lively (JaKePlaZma) from Houston, TX  
243820AE GTI spotted in TX  
2441Jason Fischer from Austin, TX, with ESP  
2513Jonathan from Houston, TX  
2536Fernando Martinez from El Paso, TX, with ESP  
2582Mauro Villegas from Houston, TX  
2767Mark Pappas (GTI Guy) from Lewisville, TX  
2931Seth S (gti16vman) from TX  
293220AE GTI spotted in TX  
2934Saif Omer (spotligting (aim)) from Missouri City, TX  
2962Samuel Ruiz from El Paso, TX, with ESP  (image)  
2984Bethany Stregles (pixie_papercut) from Irving, TX, with ESP  
2997Cody (Monterey) from Crowley, TX  (image)  (deceased)
302520AE GTI spotted in Dallas, TX  (image)  
307820AE GTI spotted in Plano, TX  (image)  
3099Jake from TX  
3139Remy (kirei) from Austin, TX  
324420AE GTI spotted in TX  
3284Said Gonzalez from Austin, TX, with ESP  
3303Graham Boon (Boonie76) from Houston, TX, with ESP  (image)  
3308Robin from Georgetown, TX, with ESP  
3318Colin from Houston, TX  
332520AE GTI spotted in TX  
332920AE GTI spotted in Katy, TX  (image)  
3342Roldan from Houston, TX  
3408Luis Padilla from El Paso, TX  
341420AE GTI spotted in TX  
342920AE GTI spotted in TX  
34603460 from Katy, TX, with ESP  (image)  
349720AE GTI spotted in TX  
3519Philip Goughary (pgoughary) from Houston, TX, with ESP  
3520Victor Saldivar (ae 3520) from San Antonio, TX, with ESP  
3524Sean Rauh (jettapunk409) from Arlington, TX, with ESP  
3528Mike G. (Gringo Starr) from Dallas, TX, with ESP  
357620AE GTI spotted in TX  
3581Mike from Dallas, TX  
3590Chris (redsoxreturns) from Dallas, TX, with ESP  
3595Gordon from Austin, TX, with ESP  
3614Alejandro Torres (Alexto) from Katy, TX, with ESP  
3625Steven Gueits from Killeen, TX, with ESP  
3652Noah Leggett from Austin, TX  (image)  
3683Rick Clark (TX GTI) from Leander, TX, with ESP  (image)  
3686Roger from Houston, TX  
3710Jaciel Reyes from Midland, TX, with ESP  
3760Cedric Rivera from El Paso, TX  
376820AE GTI spotted in TX  
3814Robert Hill from Plano, TX, with ESP  
3823Shawn Watson from TX  (image)  
3830Chris G. from El Paso, TX  
3872Ian (DRacer4476) from Ft Worth, TX, with ESP  
3921Brien Le (BOY-RCR) from Houston, TX, with ESP  
395320AE GTI spotted in Austin, TX  
3955Gregory Hutchison (r2kool4u) from El Paso, TX, with ESP  (image)  (deceased)
3991Jerry Orman (jb20th3991) from Cedar Hill, TX, with ESP  
Registered Cars : 155

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