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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 26
016820AE GTI spotted in UT  
0242Link (dOWa423) from Sandy, UT  
0374Kenyon Ross (kenyon_ross) from West Jordan, UT, with ESP  
0726Andrew from UT  
1121Mike B from UT  
160820AE GTI spotted in UT  
1714Joe Burnett from Salt Lake City, UT  
1782Dallan Porter from Salt Lake, UT  
1845Sweet&low (Dank) from Salt Lake City, UT  
1999Thomas (Herrera) from Salt Lake City, UT, with ESP  
2106Andrew Weixler from Salt Lake City, UT  
2223Torrey Bouck from Midvale, UT  (image)  
2455David from Bountiful, UT  
2555Ethan Burkett (BaggedBaby) from Ogden, UT  
2730Cyril Jamet (cyreal) from Orem, UT  
2756Brandon from UT  
2798Don (Dono) from Salt Lake City, UT  
281620AE GTI spotted in UT  
2985Nathan Richmond (groverone) from Taylorsville, UT  (image)  
2988Dakota Geipel from Tooele, UT  
3012Courtney from Brigham City, UT  
302320AE GTI spotted in UT  
3027Jared from SoJo, UT  (image)  
3179Daemian Moss from Logan, UT, with ESP  (image)  
3271Joel (Pcsnow00) from Park City, UT, with ESP  (image)  
3466Bryson Hendricks from West Jordan, UT  (image)  
Registered Cars : 26

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