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USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTIs

USARegistered Cars : 38
0089Alec (piojohnnybutt) from Madison, WI, with ESP  
0131Napoleon Jones from Sussex, WI  (image)  
0177Jose Tavares from Milwaukee, WI  
0180Casey Lamers (Casey) from Madison, WI  
0189Nick from Kenosha, WI  
0190Ben Gerard (20AE#0190) from Hudson, WI  (image)  
031320AE GTI spotted in WI  
0389David from Madison, WI  (image)  
0485Evan from Pewaukee, WI  
074520AE GTI spotted in WI  
0747Marcus Pahl from WI  
0858Dustin Vincent (Imola Yellow 20AEGTI) from Oakfield, WI  (image)  
0960Chris (dunno) from Milwaukee, WI, with ESP  
0989Mike H (haxes) from Milwaukee, WI  
1025Ricky (mazdog) from Medford, WI, with ESP  
109420AE GTI spotted in WI  
1224Adam (20thmartian) from Milwaukee, WI, with ESP  
1312Mark from WI, with ESP  
1315Zachary Novak (zjnovak) from Milwaukee, WI, with ESP  (image)  
1373Mitch Olson from Sussex, WI  
1470Dave (vwdave92) from Racine, WI, with ESP  (image)  
158720AE GTI spotted in WI, with ESP  
1721Tyler Clarkson (clarkson) from Eau Claire, WI, with ESP  
1827Austin (asaunders19) from Janesville, WI  
2107Liz Easter (ekstatixx) from Milwaukee, WI  (image)  
2406Jacob Frasher from Beaver Dam, WI  
2544Nate (klettn) from Madison, WI  
2568Rodrigo Escalona (Veedub101) from Kenosha, WI  
2590Abee from Madison, WI, with ESP  
2635Kennedi from WI  
3351Joe Orkin (Downtown20AE) from Milwaukee, WI, with ESP  
3384Daniell Santamaria (3genGT) from Trevor, WI, with ESP  (image)  
3410Loren Tieman from Mukwonago, WI, with ESP  (image)  
3579Nick Olsen from WI, with ESP  
3582Bryan from WI, with ESP  
3756Bryan from Greendale, WI, with ESP  (image)  
3813Tim Wernicke (20th_AE_GTI_WI) from West Bend, WI, with ESP  
389820AE GTI spotted in WI  
Registered Cars : 38

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