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Canadian Registered Fahrenheit GTIs

CanadaRegistered Cars : 109
0001Fahrenheit GTI spotted in NS  
0002Jason from Kitchener, ON  (image)  (deceased)
0003Fahrenheit GTI spotted in NS  
0005Fahrenheit GTI spotted in ON  
0006Fahrenheit GTI spotted in BC  
0007Cowtowner from Calgary, AB  
0008Fahrenheit GTI spotted in NS  
0009Dan Buehler from BC  
0010Fahrenheit GTI spotted in ON  
0012John (jserka) from Vancouver, BC  
0013Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Agincourt VW, Toronto, ON  
0014Fahrenheit GTI spotted in ON  
0015E from AB  
0016Carina from St-Jérôme, QC  
0017Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Granby, QC  
0018Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Concord, ON  
0019Jeff Tunney from Sudbury, ON  
0021Fahrenheit GTI spotted in NS  
0023cycogerm from Gatineau, QC  
0024Fahrenheit GTI spotted in QC  
0025Frédérick Robert (fredfahr25) from St-Hyacinthe, QC  (image)  
0026Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Oakville Volkswagen, Oakville, ON  
0027JW from Mississauga, ON  
0028Fahrenheit GTI spotted in QC  
0029Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Sherbrooke, QC  
0030Fahrenheit GTI spotted in ON  
0031Fahrenheit GTI spotted in QC  
0032Fahrenheit GTI spotted in AB  
0034Fahrenheit GTI spotted in QC  
0035Jimmy from SK  
0036br from Montreal, QC  
0037Fahrenheit GTI spotted in ON  
0038Laura from Ottawa, ON  
0040Christina B (Chrissy) from Montreal, QC  
0041Harry Goetz from Saskatoon, SK  
0042Kenny from SK  
0043Taylor from Vancouver, BC  
0046Chris (Je-Jetta!) from Mississauga, ON  
0047Fahrenheit GTI spotted in BC  
0050Denis Lévesque (conico66) from Shediac, NB  
0051Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Edmonton, AB  (deceased)
0052Fahrenheit GTI spotted in BC  
0056Carina Boisjoli from St. Jerome, QC  
0057Sharene (North Van Girl) from North Vancouver, BC  
0058Fahrenheit GTI spotted in ON  
0059Fahrenheit GTI spotted in QC  
0060Fahrenheit GTI spotted in ON  
0062Vignesan (Bad Puppy) from Calgary, AB  
0063Chen Shen from Halifax, NS  (image)  
0064Fahrenheit GTI spotted in BC  
0068Fahrenheit GTI spotted in QC  
0069Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Montreal, QC  (image)  (deceased)
0070Fahrenheit GTI spotted in BC  
0071Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Vernon, BC  (image)  
0072Ryan (Schnell Fahrenheit) from Edmonton, AB  
0073J. Rimmer from BC  
0074Fahrenheit GTI parted out, from ON  (image)  (deceased)
0076Karl Stoeterau (KLS) from Riverview, NB  
0077Conrad Glowa from Yorkton, SK  
0078Fahrenheit GTI spotted in BC  
0079Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Georgetown, ON  
0080FLUX Lighting Inc. (FLUX VDUB) from Ottawa, ON  
0081Jason from St.Catharines, ON  
0082DeRocker from Quebec, QC  
0083Solomon Dugdale from Prince George, BC  
0085Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Caledon, ON  
0089Wise from Lethbridge, AB  
0090desi786 from Edmonton, AB  
0091Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Mississauga, ON  (image)  
0093Fahrenheit GTI spotted in North Battleford, SK  (image)  
0094Shaneza Bacchus (csensation) from Surrey, BC  
0097Fahrenheit GTI spotted in ON  
0098Simon Shen from Bedford, NS  
0100Hilary from Guelph, ON  
0101Daniel from QC  
0102Madonna (moey) from Moncton, NB  
0103Raphael Mallet from Doaktown, NB  
0106Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Mount Pearl, NL  
0107Alexander Suleiman (Alex.s) from Surrey, BC  (image)  
0109Fahrenheit GTI spotted in London, ON  (image)  
0110Tyler from Calgary, AB  
0111Brad Vinandy from Kincardine, ON  
0113Yvan Theriault from Gatineau, QC  
0114Matthieu Chretien from QC  
0116Félix Leblanc from Blainville, QC  
0117Fahrenheit GTI spotted in AB  
0119Bob Hensel (darknights) from Edmundston, NB  
0120Fahrenheit GTI spotted in ON  
0123Fahrenheit GTI spotted in North Bay, ON  (image)  
0124Fahrenheit GTI spotted in ON  
0125Dave Pauze (sticks) from Sault Ste Marie, ON  
0126Paul Laukkanen (F1 Fan) from Mississauga, ON  
0127Fahrenheit GTI spotted in London, ON  (image)  
0128Fahrenheit GTI spotted in ON  
0129Fahrenheit GTI spotted in MB  
0131Maxime (VWO) from Gatineau, QC  
0133Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Edmonton, AB  (image)  
0135Jasper from North Bay, ON  
0137brianb from Vancouver, BC  
0138M.Doctor from AB  
0140Krayzie from ON  
0141Indy (ikaris) from AB  
0142Fahrenheit GTI spotted in ON  
0143JChow from ON  
0145Fahrenheit GTI spotted in QC  
0147Dominic from Kitchener, ON  
0148Maciek from ON  
0149Andy from Toronto, ON  
0150Fahrenheit GTI spotted in AB  
Registered Cars : 109

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